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A girl flashes her panties to the MC, then they become a couple later on. Meanwhile, the MC's childhood friend is famous now but she still loves the MC.

Bonus: give the names, birthdays, and blood types of the girl and the childhood friend.

The CAPTCHA I got while posting this was very appropriate for the answer.
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Ichigo something?
No, annoying
No one cares

Some guy joins college several times until it goes right.
Not Ichigo 100%.

Hint: the girl who flashed her panties has at least two clones.

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Cybernet Universe
Spell Field
(1) Link Monsters you control gain 300 ATK.
(2) Once per turn: You can target 1 monster in either player’s Graveyard; shuffle it into the Deck.
(3) If this card on the field is destroyed by card effect: Send all monsters in the Extra Monster Zones to the Graveyard.

Note: Considering this card, the previously named “Cybers-Type” has been renamed to be “Cyverse-Type”.
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Hello Speed World 3
So is the meta healthier now?
Have we seen the rival and heroine yet?

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can we get a berserk thread?

how do you guys think it'll end

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Unfinished when Minura dies and blue-balls us all
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no imagination
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How you want your Casca senpai?

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Same old same old

All celluloid devious are required to have airplane mode turned on for the reminder of the thread.
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Some real cool stuff happens then I totally abandon the plot near the end and just put two hours of random shit in because avant garde, that will keep the critics guessing.
everyone in society has powers, but it has extremely bad/annoying drawbacks
>MC can fly
>but only can separate 10 cm from the floor
>Heroine can make portals, but they open near the last person she touched
>Chuuni guy can summon creatures from another dimension, but they are all pacific or lazy
full comedy, new characters and shit appear
It's an Armored Core anime set in the world of FA
Directed by Takahashi

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10/10 manga only
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Use >>>/wsr/.
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This got archived before I could reply yesterday.
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Wish it didn't end so suddenly.

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Pic not related.
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Dead Tube
I imagine we don't take hentai manga into account since when it's sexual it triples the disturbance factor. I guess that one about guy who goes to a tropical island with his wife planning to kill her and both get captured by some crazy cannibalistic version or Hiroo Onoda. Or some of Ito's more body horror-y stuff, like Ice cream or the series about blood-plants growing out of and disfiguring people's bodies. But I can't say I've read many disturbing things. Also I'd say disturbance depends heavily on person, different people are disturbed by different things.
Usagi Drop

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Spoilers out!
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>Azami and the others arrive in Jou's place
>They discuss about the rule of Regiment de Cuisine

>Team Rebels will have: Soma, Megumi, Takumi and Erina
>Team Central also will have four people: Eizan, Nene, Momo, Saito
>Tsukasa said "It's impossible for me to work within team"
>Rindou said "I like eating more than cooking."
>So the won't join the matches for those reasons.

>Azami angry that Erina join the Rebels side and ask her to come with him.
>He is threatening Erina with black aura (?), but Gin and Jou interrupt
>Gin: We only came for decide the rules
>Jou: Let's get started.

>Erina "..."
>Erina : I'll fight for myself, and for the sake of them."

Continue in ch 205
>Rindou won't join
Probably fake. A harmless fake, which makes it harder to tell, but probably fake anyway.

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What have you been watching/reading recently? What do you think of it?

What are you planning on watching/reading next?
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Just watched Nausicaa. I absolutely loved it. The way the world was built, the fun and exciting animation with good sound design backing it up; it all culminated into one very, very enjoyable movie. I have been trying to catch up on the classics a little more and it's definitely been worth it.
I haven't watched anything today or yesterday, but I finished Nausicaa a few days ago. It was pretty good, the world was really interesting, I loved the flight. And the main character had a really nice design.

Besides that, watching an episode of Turn A Gundam now and then, at a rate that will take me months to finish.
Maybe a bit too recent, but also working on Oh! Super Milk-chan, did episode 8 today. For the most part, it's slightly boring, but most episodes make me laugh at some point. And it's best if you just space out, listening to Milk-chan's voice while watching her drooling while drooling. But episode 7, that one was great. I laughed so hard when they switched between the mole and them eating potato crisps. Every time the camera zoomed in on them in that blurry way while they ate and we heard that sound, it laughed so hard.

Also working on some others, but these are the ones I feel like talking about now.
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Been watching Space Cobra. First episode was absolutely fantastic and instantly hooked me. The Royal sister arc got a bit weak (and lasted a long time considering it's an episodic show), but I'm enjoying it more again at episode 14

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What do you think of Teekyuu?
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meme anime honestly
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I would say that it's a fovorite of mine.
It's the kind of absuridity that I love.
What does that even mean?
Try to make some sense for once.
It reminds me of [s4s]

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It's eight of clock!

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I want to make Koume my wife!
morning koume <3
The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.

Why are they so intimate with each other?
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having collective masturbation moments in a barn creates strong binds
She wears no panties. She got no shame, nor intimacy.

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>"Frieza wants to destroy Vegeta!!"
>"Wait, my son, the planet, or me?"
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Just post here your wish list and describe why it's will be a good choice for adaptation.
For example I think that Hideaki Sorachis "13" one shot manga would been an awesome anime series...
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Arachnid but with an anime original endimg
Manga - Golden Kamuy

Manhwa - Tower of God
I like how sorachi has those kind of dumb dead eyes look to his work

Literally the Japanese equivalent of The Big Bang Theory
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No. It's worse than The Bazinga Zimbabwe Theory.
Literally you are autistic retard making same thread for years. Fuck off.
>butthurt Umeme fag

9/10 it was OK.
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The third ceremony ark was stupid, pointless and boring, but the original witch arc and epilogue were pretty good. I don't know why she didn't just reveal everything in the second ceremony and skip right to the original witch arc.
OP here

I really enjoyed the first arc, but the second was kinda trivial and prolonged, and the third was just dumb. Epilogue was good and fitting, a little too perfect sugar sweet ending for everyone but it was good. Certainly beats many other abrupt endings.
I have a feeling that the author didnt consider it would be this popular, which kinda sorta explains the inconsistencies in the story to drag it out. All the convenient memory loss spells and what not.
Way too generous. More like 4/10. She should've ended everything after the first arc.

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