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This is your Elma tonight.
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I wanna **** with elma!

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THis is berserk ending
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348 W H E N?

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I'll start.
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kek, this newfag attempt is extremely pitiful.
You were expecting something pure from
"Scum's Wish"?

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Bloody Road - The Anime?

Aranchnid was more fun desu.
The monster girl trend continues. Slime anime when?
Is that the one about the Badger girl?

This was on my backlog for a long time, just finished it.

Avoided the threads when airing as had given up on the manga. What was the consensus?

I enjoyed it
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It's shit.
I enjoyed it. Yuno is shit, 12th best character, Minene best girl.
it was edgy and had some dumb moments, but that was part of the enjoyment. I think the happy end the OVA provided was bs though
any show that uses rape to try and make you care about characters is already shit.

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They somehow managed to make steampunk zombies boring
Not surprising since both of those are over-done shit.
Seriously? I can only think of a select few explicitly zombie-themed anime from the past ten years alone, and when was the last steampunk anime before Kabaneri?

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>Show has Jojo reference
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If you've never seen Jojoshit, how would you know it were being referenced?
>show is not Naruto

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>show is JoJo


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Any idea when this movie will be out /a/, did you enjoy the first part as much as I did?
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Apparently the Blu-ray is out as of today, I wonder how long subs will take :O
What relation does this have to what aired a while back? Recap?
Don't use emoticons on /a/.
Empty bumps are against the rules.

Lurk more.

Can you actually talk about highly confidential things with a bartender in front of you?
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business confidential in a bar in a business district that doesn't want to lose customers? maybe.
national security confidential? no. unless you're trump of course.
Sure, but if that's the case then one of the ways to cripple drug cartels is to abduct bartenders.
>makes a point of saying that America won't announce its moves before hand in order to keep the element of surprise
>somehow would blab about his plans

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Hey kid you wanna buy some blurays?
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Is it wrong that I really miss these KyoAni faces?
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Of course not, but are you sure you don't just miss K-on?
I really wanted to like K-on, but it never did anything for me. I liked Love Lab's take on the female-centric SoL more.

If anything, i really miss Clannad.

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Post a single page from your favorite manga and get people interested enough to read it.
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No bite
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Vinland Saga. Good story, and very well drawn
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What was the song that played during the theatre scene in this weeks episode?
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It's called /wsr/.

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Who else is HAPPY about Gabriel Dropout?

No Satania shitposting pls.
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why is Gabriel so shit? she ruined the whole episode
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why is Satania so great? she stole the whole episode
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>Pure animekino
>No one watches
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Plenty of people are watching it though. Why are ACCA fans too stupid to find threads?
It's honestly not that good.
My friend just told me about it, i'm fitna fuckin watch this bitch

Does it exist, /a/?
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Your pic's related. In fact no one wins. It's great.
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I would fuck her.
Not exactly a good one, but it exists.

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