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>tfw this will never be translated
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It's highly possible it will be when the anime adaptation comes out soon.
This looks great, thanks

Otome Sensou Ch. 8

>blocked child abuse
>knight shenanigans
>possible stepmom incest

Hopefully dumping everything
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>Oops, make that chapter 9


dat thirst...

>Actually showing this in a Christian(?) manga


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Was he gay?
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Checked, but isn't Ruby X Sapphire canon?
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Zinnia is terrible, and Special made her even worse.
No, he just had a better girl waiting. Plus Fug would not approve.

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Starting with the worst girl of the season.
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More like every Kuzo no Honkai girls.
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Agreed. Satania is overrated and obnoxious as hell.

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What the fuck happened to Terra Formars S2?
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Why don't you just read the manga?

I don't care enough to pick up the mango. I haven't checked but I bet it's not completed too, so it's a no go either way for me.

I just enjoyed season 1 with all it's edginess and grit and am salty over season 2. Also fight animation has went downhill.
What the fuck happened with S1

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The grill that saved anime
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Do you like dragons?
What's Mio doing without her eyepatch?
That shit was a huge disappointment. Oh well, should have expected that from anno's shitty studio.

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Let's play a game. The main character(s) from the last show or manga you watched are now deleted from the story.

What's the story like now without them?

Ex. Pokemon without Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu. Bakemonogatari without Koyomi Ararahi.
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I thought games were for losers.
Was I wrong?
Yep, they are.
Fortunately, we are losers.
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Well the aliens are still trying to take over the world and the nudists trying to stop them, so not much changes on that front except the ending. I assume the Life Fibres take over the world.

So much delicious fanservice lost though, so many Satsuki and Ryuko doujins like tears in the rain...

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Say something nice to this pure virgin.
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>>153897381 Bunnies

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Times you felt like the author just hates you.
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the whole thing really

can the guy just get the girl already
He should fuck childhood friend anyway.
Low energy faggot can't handle that much girl

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I know im now a powerful almost immortal being but why cant i be as cool looking as the archer
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A shallow desire or sacrificing something you don't have a particularly strong attachment to spawns a weak ass apostle would be my guess.
>having the demonic form of a cooked chicken
Must have been black
he doesn't look too upset by it.
to contrast: the the archer guy is always broody and quiet.
maybe it has something to do with sitting atop an asshole whenever he transforms?

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which future friends is your favorite
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Twin wolves are my favorites. Margay looks to be fun.

Couple more days and we will get true confirmation that best girl Haruna has won.
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Isn't Yabuki starting a new TLR manga soon? Is it still going to have TLR in the new title?
>best girl
>not second best girl
>implying Yui isn't best girl
>Couple more days

>I'll move in with you both to make sure no funny business is happening
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>school organization enforcing rules outside of school
Is this a real thing in Japan?
The fuck is wrong with Japan where they can't even leave two teenagers alone in the same room without suspecting them to fuck each others brains out?
God, I fucking hate Japanese.

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Does /a/ like uncle Go?
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everyone likes based uncle Go
I've never actually read any of his manga. I have seen some of the anime based on them and I've enjoyed them to various degrees. I think Getter Robo Armageddon might be my favorite that I've seen.
Getter Robo was Ishikawa Ken's work Go just helped him out by helping it get published and giving him tips most notably making the Getter Jets instead of the cars he originally planned

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His father died.
He was the only family he had.

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