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This is the most underrated Bones series and easily better than Star Driver.
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Hana was great brown
Keijo isn't Bones silly.

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There never was a better anime made than Neon Genesis Evangelion - one that wasn't based on a manga, that is.

Try to prove me wrong.

You can't.
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>anything Mecha related
Code Geass was only good when Mecha weren't on screen or focused on
Gunbuster still exists.
>He's never seen 0083.

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I haven't had a blast reading a :re chapter in such a long time.
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>are you seriously using that anime/manga style slash effect as his head actually getting completely obliterated?
No I'm not.
In the top right panel on the second page you can see that Uta is regenerating a huge chunk of his head.
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we lost a fellow clown.
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>3 threads reaching 500+ replies
Fuck, I missed those days.

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What went wrong?
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Nothing, it was a near masterpiece.
Not enough Subaru
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Here have this.

Is this Kishi's way of throwing NaruSaku shippers a bone?
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Try SasuNaru
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Is Sarada the Naruto and Boruto the Sasuke of this series?

Hopefully Salad will actually have a chara-

Yeah, no.

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Any Wizfags here? I'd really like to beat the shit out of you.
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I want to beat up wiz and kick her in the tit
Is Vanir officially the only smart one in their group?
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>OP is an Axis cultist

Today was a good day.

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I need a lawyer
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I'm going to hell.
When you have a dragon, you don't need a lawyer.
Didn't you see what she's capable of?
How old is the loli dragon?

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rose of versailles.jpg
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I just finished this, let's have a thread. Have you seen it? What'd you think?
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Oscar is my wife. Literally the perfect woman.
Best shojo by far
Dont forget the designs for anime were made by Shingo Araki

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This is your imouto, say something encouraging to her.
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Her ribbons are cute.
>You look better than before!
>Black ribbons
Fucking slut

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she sees your dick.jpg
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What are some cocky girls that only the most alpha guys could fuck?
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Pic related.
Pick unrelated, since she has a girlfriend.

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Would the they have defeated Gerard in the end? Also SR and Bleach in general discussion
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Askin > Quilge > the rest.
I think they'd need Mayuri and/or Urahara's lolscience to defeat Gerard. The three who fought him knew they were only making him stronger and still wouldn't stop, retards.
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Daily reminder that this is canon

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You think isekai is going to be like harem series
A permanent fixture in anime and Manga that never quite goes away?
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How many harem series do we have this season?
>You think isekai is going to be like harem series
Isekai had always been around. What did you think Escaflowne was? There had been an endless number of Earth protagonists being sent to other worlds before. It isn't going to go away if it was always here.
I think OP means rpg mechanic ones.

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Why is Aqours considered a flop by myoozefags when they are selling decently?

Also their First Live just ended so we might as well talk about it.
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Because it doesn't sell so well as the original
They still can't believe moose is fucking dead.
I actually didn't watch the Live.

was too tired and busy and uninterested.

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Did they fug?
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>that armpit grab
Not according the newest Takeda Hiromitsu h-manga.
No, Mai sister-zoned herself.

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3 years later and not a single anime episode since has managed to surpass this.
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>we want inferno cop audience
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I do wonder if 4chanX has some function where it could upload all images with a fake tumblr filename just to mess with everyone.

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