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Could Kenshiro beat Yamcha?
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Hokuto Shinken lets you appropriate the style of their enemies, so Kenshiro can pretty much beat anyone.
But it doesn't copy power level.
Yamcha gives up form the start because he falls into depression.
He falls into depression because he can't help but admit that Kenshiro is manlier than he is.
That Kenshiro's manliness power level is over 9 quintillion.

Just him fully activating his manliness could destroy the Universe with the man-rays exuded from his body and mind.

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Kaiki Sensei is totally my mentor of life
Who is ur Anime-Mentor
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The greatest psychic of the 21st century

Which one is stronger?
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Homura claps

Kumagawa can't even imagine himself winning, what do you think?
>Beating GER

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ITT: we post anime that changed life

>pic related
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For better or worse.
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What are the OP and ED of the season?
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Maidragon for both
a doside mada

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Since the newly released blu-ray of this show is apparently pure trash, what's the best release of SAC?
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>newly released
SAC had bluray for like 6 years now or so and it's great.
An american release, which region do you mean?
Well I'm talking about whatever region the old BDs were which is probably Japanese.
Want me to spoonfeed you a torrent?

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I want to get into this universe. What should i start to watch.
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You're already wrong
I watched fate/zero first

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russia girls are more blonde/hot naruto types whereas ukraine girls are more pale/goth sasuke types. this is the root of their conflict
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Hey /pol/
this is the worst thread ever

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It was better when they were just Hamon users.
HnK already did that better, I think the series would have died real fast if araki didn't get smart and introduce something as novel as stands
>still thinking this

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Mami Kawada or Kotoko
Which one do you prefer in your OP/EDs? They pretty much sound the same to me, like even the sound designers sound the same
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Who else?

I'm still upset she retired. Well, at least I got to go to her final concert.
when did she do that?

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I like to watch anime to get motivated for when I do martial arts, but honestly there isn't anything new that does that for me.
What new anime is there that is something like hajime no ippo, dragon ball, etc?
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Hoshi no Samidare
are there plans for an anime of this? looks interesting
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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
morning koume <3
i dont get this meme

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It's nearly impossible to find any manga that focuses on the main character dealing with a transformation. I always liked the idea of this sort of conflict, but every serious gender bender or transformation type manga I read always takes the focus away from the mc dealing with the problem.
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Shishunki Bitter Change

Takes it so seriously that it ends up being seriously depressing with how long it goes on
Judas had a trap that loses his dick permanently halfway through.

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because it's anime
Konosuba designs aren't bland and unioriginal
After watching the first season and what's currently airing being unoriginal and bland is exactly what the show needs. It's a parody of an unoriginal and bland genre. Here's your (You)

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>Rather than straightforwardly enacting ‘anti-mainstream’ difference, this imagined space is potentially one of competitive entrepreneurial practice and fan-branding, suggesting that aspects of fansubbing can be aligned with neoliberalism.

>Testifying to translation’s ‘transformative’ cultifying capacities, anime fansubbers in the West operate in an imagined space between Japan and the United States. A third space of imagination rather than transnational flow per se becomes vital here.

>I will expand on this by considering how anime fansubbers’ labour can be conceptualized as liminal, intersecting ‘informal’ and ‘formal’ economies whilst at the same time performing transnational cult as a neoliberal supplement to industry practices.

>The implication is that we need to consider transnational cult status more significantly in relation to niche and fan distribution, where both can be commercialized and/or linked to ‘mainstream’ values of branding and entrepreneurialism.

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Somebody got access to that paper?
Use sci-hub.
Has somebody here read that paper and can translate what he means into English that does not use terms from that field of study.

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