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There is a lot of material from the manga.

All they have to do is make the TV series. Why isn't this happening?

Also WTF they never released the opening on any CD.
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At least there were two OVAs, sort of.
TV series were less common back then and it wasn't uncommon for OVAs in that time period to basically be a pilot and determine whether or not the series got a TV series as a result.

The OVAs probably didn't sell well enough to get funding for a full series.
>There is a lot of material from the manga.
Sonoda killed it with his paedophilia.
Also Bean was a shit character but not everybody probably cared about that.

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*blocks your path*
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It's okay girls, I'm going to unzip my pants. There's enough for the both of you.

are they going to kill me? i hope they kill me

Will you guys help Yamakan?
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Into the trash it goes.
Thought he got chinese money from previous thread?
Better than Shinkai

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This is the ideal body for anime.
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puffy vulva
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If only her voice wasn't so annoying
Her VA was GOAT. Too bad she didn't get more roles while Hirano went to slut up the anime industry.

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what went wrong?
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They were all shit
>Ore Golazo
This is the only one I think could have lived a bit longer. I have nothing quippy to say about it other than it needed a better shot

The only thing this had going for it was it's art in some panels. The story was too edgy to be real and I don't think it filled any need that wasn't already in the magazine

>Demon's Plan
This was just shit

>Love Rush
Blew it's load too early. I think it tried to be different with it's relationships (and I am shocked the Cupid did not win in the end) but ultimately, it was reading a harem manga with a foregone conclusion. Also, Ghost Tits already exists

>Red Sprite
Boring. But not boring enough that I felt it wouldn't have hit with the target demographic. Ultimately though, it didn't. So it got shafted

You know what I'm surprised managed to live? Kimetsu no Yaiba. That was a surprise

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>no Yu Yu Hakusho threads

Time to change that
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Why do people even test him?
I liked this guy.
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Best shonen villain?

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Anyone else want to hug him?
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he is literally me
you're a cursed dragon?
You're a miss. Fuck off.

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posts moments in manga/anime that gave you chills
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In a few months.
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Why is Miyata sucha cunt?
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He is just tsundere, he wants the Ippo's dick like Kumi or that reporter girl who doesnt appear anymore
but why
It's his charm point.

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What's the appeal of One Piece?
I find it boring as shit.

Someone explain to me the strong points.
What's "fun" about it?
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It's an original adventure series drawn on a scale few can compete with at this point. A huge variety of creative environments and designs. A likeable, diverse main cast.

I don't think there's much to explain, if you don't find it "fun" then why bother
pretty much this. I dont read it because its enjoyed by others or not. I read it because i gotta know what One Piece is!
>It's an original adventure series
Pirates of the seas isn't original.
>on a scale few can compete with at this point
Number of chapters isn't an argument onto itself.
>A huge variety of creative environments and designs.
Fair point.
>A likeable, diverse main cast.
Fair point.
But the above 2 also apply to Dragon Ball.

The only argument i'm getting is that "it's the only good pirate manga/anime".
The character art is boring though. I can't seem to like it.

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What a cunt.
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Mary Sue pls go
I'd her cunt.
S/he's a little girl!

If GeGeGe no Kitaro gets yet another installment/reboot within the next 5 or 10 years, what can you expect?
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Increased cat girl sexualization.

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Pantyshots are a tasteful form of fanservice !
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what does it mean?
When you're shit through and through shitpost with abandon so the smell comes form all around, and you can ignore that it's also coming form you.
They make my penis fill with blood, giving me sexual urges

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Childhood is idolizing Satsuki Kiryuin. Adulthood is realizing that Nonon Jakuzure makes more sense.
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Church of Nonon.
why is she so underrepresented in fanart and doujins?
Because she's no fun and would chop your dick off.

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