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Sera is a dirty tranny edition
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Serafags are worse than Ranfags


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Do I read this or watch this or just rub one out to it and read the plot on wikipedia?
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read the first 50 chapters or so then stop. It gets really fucking bad after the Giant Buddha statue.
>read this
>watch this
>read the plot on wikipedia
trust me, you're saving yourself from a headache by avoiding it
If you find his titty monsters and dead faces hot, then the latter, I guess. Otherwise just ignore it altogether.

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If you're 13 and think sex jokes are the best thing ever, sure.
It's good about 20% of the time like most 4-koma based stuff.

The rest of the time it ranges from "it's fucking nothing" to "painfully unfunny"
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Uomi is best girl. That much is certain

Who said Toradora was the best love story of all time? Just finished it and thought it was mediocre at best. Wasn't even watchable until best girl Ami was introduced.
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It actually started a joke about how bad it was. You know, like clearly ironically calling something good when you want to make a joke about it being bad.
But then newfags came along and thought people were being serious. Then started parroting it to try and fit in.
Only good thing from that show was Kawashima.
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At least it's the best romance anime that I've ever seen

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If you're not careful, you may be its next meal.
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Like one anon said a couple of threads ago, she will end up working her way up to a cat.
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I'm counting on it!
one day it will be a person

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Who's the biggest retard this season?
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They're all generic moeblobs
Satania is pretty dumb
You, OP.

This triggers the Mary Sue
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Mary sue is gonna get curbstomped and then she'll discover the joys of tanya
From the studio perspective - 2nd season, yay or nay?
There's no point making a season 2

LN, Manga and Anime BD sold 'TOO WELL' that making a season 2 will only result in diminishing returns in sales.

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That's a lovely picture.
Is Kemono Friends the Flappy Bird of anime?

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Why are brown girls the best?
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Because their skin contrasts well with semen.
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They just are.
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Google R/a/dio to listen in

Requests are open. Due to the high volume, I will skip requests if they end up being a pain to find.

Reminder this is a planned monthly thread. We're not going to be spamming the board every week.
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Why not do it the day before Mogra instead? Would be a nice double feature.

/r/ Galaxy Train
Where was the first thread?

/r/ information high
We botched last week by having it at the end of the month. I don't know when Mogra streams are, since I don't catch them often, but if it is not end of month, it will take us a while to sync back to a proper time.

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Would you?
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>armpit hair
>leg hair
>that happy trail
I wouldn't fuck that little sasquatch blind
Shave her? Absolutely.
That's a cute boy.

It's F-f-f-friday night again. Let us party all night together, post gif or webm of dancing anime grills!

Check the file name
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the homura shuffle.gif
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How is this a mom?
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A childhood of chain smoking, drinking and drugs stunted her growth.
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I place one monster in face down defense position, then place a card face down in the spell/trap card zone and end my turn.
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check em KoG

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Best JoJos.png
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Marvel at this impeccable taste.
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you are doing it wrong
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quit posting this crappy instagram meme. its embarassing
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