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Looks like Mamiko Noto's getting some more work
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>Looks like Mamiko Noto's getting some more work
Did you forget best girl Benten is coming back next season?
Yeah, I can't wait to watch another season of retards damning themselves for eternity for stupid reasons, not.
Already a thread up, but thanks for spreading the word.


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>new chapter is a cliffhanger
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Did Garm really know enough to find Thorfin's friends?

Also, as much as I enjoyed other Throrfin's attempt to fight, not much happened in the chapter, really
>on my Vinland
What. A. Surprise.

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yamcha dat.jpg
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Would you sign it?
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Would be funny, but I don't think I would sign

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It's Mahou Shoujo of The End the most edgy manga?
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I like it

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How can anyone honestly beat this fucking guy
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Could Bobobo beat GER? Who would win?

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Choose your duo.
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OP+A Man
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wait a second,isn't anime just the japanese word for cartoon?
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Yes it is.
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*pulls trigger*
It is the japanese word for cartoon and the english word for japanese cartoon.

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Wait what the fuck.png
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I just realized that there's still no second season of Lucky Star.
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Whatever you do, do not look behind you Akira.
So unfair.

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Why is she such a menace?
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She's a menace to cocks everywhere. She's also best of the three bad girls.
>She's also best of the girls.
Fixed that for you. Menace is a perfect goddess and I want to serve her for the rest of my life.

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How does anyone like any of these girls anymore? Aqua was by far my favorite in season 1 but in season 2 she's literally trashier and more useless than Megumin. The only thing worth watching this show for anymore is Kazuma.
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from what volume is that pic?
>aqua lover has shit taste as always
same as it ever was

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Would you forgive them?
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How do I demonstrate that I accept this form of apology?
God forgives. I don't.

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I.. what? I don't get this anime at all.
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it's really cute but.. what?
Babby's first fujo anime.

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Why was Kill la Kill ever actually that popular among feminists?
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Good question.
It was hyped, so that may have brought it to their attention. And it was not a stupid harem anime, and it had a femele protagonist.
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Because this:
Theres no love arc in it

It promotes strong female figures and leads

Its core theme throughout the show is the human body, specifically female, isn't just there to be viewed and lusted over as an object and should be taken in pride.

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Lelouch vs Light Yagami. Who would win?
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Lelouch does, since he has a fake name to begin with. Lelouch just needs to look at him to kill him. Lelouch would discover who his enemy is faster. Also, he can Jesus himself, on top of not cry like a bitch when he dies.
not this shit again.jp

I thought we agreed Lelouch would win

Why do Shonen authors create Villains that are so appealing and grow so popular then proceed to treat them like they were worst than pound scum?
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More importantly, why do they make their villains more likeable than the heroes?
>Villain actually has to provide a challenge to the MC.
The humanity.

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