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So he basically retconned it
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Blind eyes being at all relevant?
That... dude?
He's so fucking gay.

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The time has kon and so have I.
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And so has Chiya
Only a few more mins

Vol4 finally came in the post the other day. Time to catch up with those two or three others.
It's here.

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Is Konosuba the antithesis to KyoAni?
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>hardly even try
>Still sell more than maid dragon

Konosuba is the ultimate DEEN.
Is this sakuga?

I mean sure he's strong, but he can't bend reality or erase magic and shit.
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About three fiddy.
He's a passive reality bender.

He unconsciously bends reality in such a way that he's always stronger than whetever he is facing.
Lower than a cat
Tied with a mosquito

Which drama is the most forced?
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how is this even a question?
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Especially the last couple episodes

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How Death Note SHOULD have ended
>be Light Yagami
>meet up with Takada in some hotel room
>pass her a note saying "tell Mikami to keep a page of the real Death Note hidden under his clothes at all times"
>on January 28th, the task force and the SPK meet at the Yellow Box
>Mikami shows up, takes the page out from his underwear or whatever and writes down the names of everybody except Light
>everyone fucking dies
>Light becomes god of the new world
Near would be so confident that his plan worked due to the switcheroo he pulled that he would never suspect in a million years that Mikami would still have a page of the real notebook hidden on his own person the whole time
Why neither Light or Mikami thought to do something that simple is beyond me. I thought those guys were super smart
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Surely if he ripped a page out Giovanni would have noticed and they would come up with a new plan.
Maybe cut out the page with a stanley knife right where it is attached to the spine, so that if a page were taken out no one would notice?

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Why does the visual novel blow so much asshole and take so long to get good seriously? I expected way more even though im not even done yet. Im on ch6 i thought the whole thing with
shion being mion)
was insane but the part with
both of them being dead)
gets me how is that even possible even though you encountered them.
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one more
Is this a rhetorical question?

Wtf /a/ y didn't you guys warn me!?
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It isn't talked about that much, but if you stumble across discussion you may get warned there.

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Is Kino kino?

Why there's no Kino remake with this character design? It looks better than in the series, same as Spice and wolf.

Also which anime have best cinematography? Is it Mushishi?
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Stop using this dumb /tv/ meme.

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is this worth watching?
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Watch a few episodes and find out.
Yes. Best kids show ever made. Strong narrative and mature in execution. Lacks the hype, bullshit and exaggeration so most anime fans find it dull for being grounded.
It's an anime you really know is a masterpiece. It's just very good in every way. Really interesting story and concept. Watch it. One of the strongest arguments in favour of Spring 2007 being the best season ever

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Everything's caught up now, and the timelines are finally in sync. Ready for more shenanigans?
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I don't get how she got stuck in lavaland.
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Oh fuck I didn't know the WN translations picked up again
I expect more chapters where she doesn't actually say anything, despite being asked questions directly.

At least in the WN, back in lava land I hope we get some interesting fights, the fights there seemed like they would suit manga more than text.

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Women always cry when they have sex.
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K-ON! taught me that I'm a dumb piece of shit that will die alone
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Why are bad girls the best?
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because they are feminine, tough and pure!
Yankee girls are the best.
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I sense an imposter!
I want them to dominate me.

So apparently this is the guy who will be playing L in the netflix adaptation. So we can at least say that he has the right build for the character and is no stranger to being ominous. What does /a/ think about the series' potential? And will Ryuk use his note on Peter Parker?
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Are netflix movies actual movies or are they direct to tv/dvd trash quality?
Well I mean Stranger Things is a netflix original so take from that what you will.

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Picked this up solely based on the fact that there was jazz music to be had.

Why is anime with jazz so based?

>Gundam Thunderbolt
>Blue Sub no 6
>Cowboy spikedies
>argento soma
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Because they only work in series that place emphasis on style over substance (not saying they lack substance...just saying the former is valued more).

But good choice with Onihei. AOTS for me. The pacing is incredible.
Interesting. I guess I see what you mean.
I'm also diggin Onihei. It's all I hoped Joker game was supposed to be.

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