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There is one mystery in the world of anime I have long since wondered about.

When it was first announced, Amagi Brilliant Park was slated to air Spring 2014. It was delayed to Fall 2014 for reasons that nobody is sure of to this day.

The purpose of this thread is to put our heads together and figure out what happened all those years ago.
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They were too busy fighting over best girl to make the anime.
Couldn't get a slot maybe
Maybe they didn't want to risk the embarrassment of a potential delay to Free s2 after promising it would come in the summer?

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Young hero or mature hero
Which type do you like?
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Well written hero
well written hero, so neither of those two.
An hero.

What was the significance of apples?
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Can't a guy just like a delicious fruit?

It means you're gay
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What was the significance of potato chips?

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It sounds and looks atrocius. For me there isn't a Tsugumomo anime, I just gonna keep reading the manga, like the elitist that I am.
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That song doesn't fit, sounds like a generic Idol song.
The voices are pretty crap specially Kazuya's
It sounds fine. I'll give you the art, but that's a given anyway, you couldn't match the manga's style in an anime.

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I'm curious, so- would a droid army be able to kill the Titans in Attack on Titan without being fought against?

I mean I know some are smarter than others but generally the majority are unthinking morons as far as I know.
Would they even fight back or recognize a non organic shooting them?
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OPM can beat the droid army in a second flat.
I don't see how that's relevant but okay I guess.
Not super familiar with AoT, but presumably yes, the droids would win. If ye olde cannon is effective enough, I would think any large yield laser from Star Wars would be extremely more than enough to physically disable a titan or out right kill if it hits close enough to the neck.

I think the titans would still attack the droids though. Lumbering moron does not mean no survival instincts.

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Gimme your best Jojoke.
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Jo life.
top kek

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Do you remember the veteran with a beard, /a/?
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I do.
Sure. Still one of the best deeply flawed protags in anime.
Is this show actually good or just fujobait?

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Why fuuka is so shit ? She ruined the whole episode !
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>You will not post any of the following outside of /b/: (...) uncalled for catchphrases
What does this rule mean?
I want to truck her.
because Suzuka is better

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How do I become Shinka's rival?
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Why did she have black hair in the first ep of s2 and then brown the next?
My name is Shinka. My world is fire and blood.

Once, I was a chuni. A middle-schooler searching for a righteous cause.

As the world fell, each of us in our own way was broken.

It was hard to know who was more crazy... me... or everyone else.
Rival at what?

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Which anime do you want to see adapted to a Hollywood movie?

For me it's pic related
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I could imagine the theater getting raided by cops, with neckbeards fleeing and tripping.
A mainstream sports movie with an all female cast sounds like a very progressive idea. Specially one with characters kids can relate to.
It could inspire little girls all around the country to play basketball and follow their dreams.

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>Cheerful children's song plays over tragic scene
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>burgers don't understand melancholy

Burgers are born and raised stupid. Television brainwashed brats who can't conceive of things like depression and despair. They can't fathom hardship. They know only an obliviated, ignorant bliss while they feed their egos with consumer culture. Burgers are complacent and worthless to the broader world.
t. Europoor

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Why was this so much better than the rest of this shit franchise?
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Because you're a secondary.
Hahaha lmao sir, simpri ebin.
It was a proper Holy Grail war. No kid Masters except for Waver who was pretty competent, to give credit to him.

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Why is keit-ai seen as better than The Anthem of the Heart
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keit-ai is not real
its the best anime movie ever made actually
i didnt really like either

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>if Ging tried to rescue Gon from the Phantom Troupe

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Why would Ging try to rescue Gon?
Ging doesn't give a fuck about Gon.

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Do different genres of anime go well with different foods/drinks?
E.g., mahou shoujo anime with beer and pizza,
but slice-of-life anime with wine and cheese?
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What sort of autism is this?
all genre go best with dick in ur hand
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I don't eat dairy products, and I only drink hard liquor.

That's why this board is called f/a/p

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