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ITT: Anime that will never get a physical release stateside
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Nips are seriously retarded. Do they not know how many people would buy this if it was released here?
The manga is coming.

>To Be Hero
>Directed: Li Haolin[
>Director: Shinichi Watanabe (Japanese Version)

Anybody knows how the chinese version looks like? What're the differences?
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I remember anon posting mega of last episode of the chinese version, it was longer by a few minutes and it had some pretty good OST that wasn't in the japanese version

The Japanese version cut some content and had an original ending because they tried to fit everything in 11 minutes. Go check in BiliBili or something.

The opening is different (the Japanese is better imo)

The rest it's about the same.

So the work of Watanabe was just cutting content and change some jokes for the VA?

And then the recap scenes ending from the japanese version looks cheap as fuck because of that.

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God tier:
Great tier:

Decent tier:
>Maid Dragon
>ACCA 13
>Konosuba S2
>Youjo Senki

White noise tier:
>Nyanko is Love!
>Bang Dream
>One Room
>Gabriel Dropout

Not good tier:

Bad tier:
>Kuzu no Honky-Tonk

Shit tier:

Still a lot of volatility for many of these, especially One Room, Acca 13, and Demi-chan. Acca 13 is the sleeper hit so far. I've certainly seen worse seasons.
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>Acca 13
No just one of the most boring things I've ever seen.
Ai Mai Mii
Demi-chan wa Kataritai
Ryuu no Haisha
Urara Meirochou

>Shit tier
Everything else.

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Alright, after vast research, multiple studies with repeated trials, millions in government spending, and open forum with some of the greatest minds in the world, from philosophers, to theoretical mathematicians, to psychologists, to various world leaders, I have finally come up with a indisputable dissertation about why liking traps makes you gay.
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First of all I'm not even going to acknowledge the silly feminine penis meme, penis's are by their nature only masculine.

Now lets get into the nitty gritty, if you were really attracted to females, then logically you would prefer a nice, juicy vagina. Someone who doesn't can't really be considered straight can they?
Traps are gay and if you say otherwise you should be on >>>/b/ or >>>/gif/
>but muh feminine penis
Secondly, outside of the penis argument, most trap lovers are in fact not attracted to their trap at all until it is revealed that the trap was a male all along. Interesting...

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Digimon Adventure tri. part 4, "Loss", has been released. Get it from your usual sources.

It's shit. But that was to be expected since Sora a shit.

No confirmation as of yet but:

tri. part 5, "Symbiosis", is scheduled to be released later this year. Its poster colour is pink and is said to feature Meiko, Hikari, Ofanimon, and Meicoomon's Ultimate.

Yes, Ofanimon. Not Holydramon like all the tri. merchandise released recently has suggested.
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What will part 6 be called and who will be featured on the poster? I personally hope it's the 02 kids, but we all know that won't happen.

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Ever wonder when will we get an ending that won't skip timeline in any WSJ?
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Buddy, that's just volume 6 extra.

There's still 5 actual chapters left.
>cute "what if" omake scenario
>it all comes true a couple chapters later

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just wanted to let you know.
and subaru cannot reset it because she dies back at the other mansion which is too far away from his reset point
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rip press f to pay respects
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I'm ok with this.

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What the fuck was her problem?
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why are you posting this again retard?

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What did she mean by this?
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Guys, let me tell you that Dio and Funny Valentine are the shit in JoJo

Kars: Kinda generic

Kira: Get his ass flammed when he is not fighting a 3 ft manlet

>Doesn't do shit during the whole part
>Do his reveal when he is busted
>Can only beat up a man in a wheelchair
>Got bodyswapped a few pages later we didn't even see him do things in his own body
>GER blasts his ass for eternity

Pucci:Only follows the path Dio made for him

Guys i'm telling you
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They only even have a chance against Kira BECAUSE of that 3ft manlet.
It's even worse, gens busted by a manlet who doesn't even have a stando
funny didnt do nuffin wrong

What the fuck would happen if Boros ate a monster cell?
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the monster cell would die
Is boros the equivalent of a super sayan in the OPM universe?
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It's called U19 because it'll have under 19 chapters.
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Reminds me of Demon' s plan.
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Well thats generous.

Demon's Plan was literally shit. After reading the first chapter I knew exactly how it was going to end.

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When will he make his move?
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He'll defeat Kizaru.
Mark my word.
Does /a/ still talk about One Piece?
When he teams up with Buggy D. Clown

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ITT: Works where men seemingly don't exist.
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They do the programming not the designing and animating.
If I were more of a faggot I'd complain about this major "plot hole" but it works in the series' favor actually.
Umiko was the only programmer shown, but at the party at the end in season 12, I didn't see any men at all. In fact, you don't see men anywhere in the show. Yun has a little brother, but that's about the only creature with a penis in this entire universe. Aoba says she lives with her parents, but only ever speaks with her mom.

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So messed up, I want her here
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I am the one that runs from both the living and the dead. Hunted by blond kouhai, haunted by my chunibyo past. So I exist in this wasteland, reduced to one instinct: survive.
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