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Can this be made into a good anime? Key word is good.
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Sure, would just require it to only be like 8 or maybe 9 episodes, 10 tops.
Would probably work best as a movie honestly.
Yeah I'm hesitant about making it a movie cause its already been done and not very well.
Anything could be made into a good anime with the right team.

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>feeds off of undeserved attention
why isn't she /a/'s new front page girl?
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She is my wife
Front page girls are all retarded, while Chitose is just a bitch so she's not "x on the front page" material.
/a/ is too casual for her.

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Weekly Danchigai TL Thread. We're finally starting Volume 3. Today I'll be dumping chapters 28, 29, 30.

Previous thread

Mega Folder
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Starting with Table of Contents

Yumeno Apartment Complex Map

Apartment No. 28 ... 5
Apartment No. 29 ... 11
Apartment No. 30 ... 21
Apartment No. 31 ... 29
Apartment No. 32 ... 39
Apartment No. 33 ... 47
Apartment No. 34 ... 55
Apartment No. 35 ... 63
Apartment No. 36 ... 71
Apartment No. 37 ... 79
Apartment No. 38 ... 87
Apartment No. 39 ... 97
Apartment No. 40 ... 105
Apartment No. 41 ... 113
Afterword Lounge ... 121

Costume Request
Yayoi ... 19
Mutsuki's Day Off ... 20-38-54
Uzuki's Day Off ... 37
Satsuki's Day Off ... 53
Haruki's Day Off ... 69

Nakano Yayoi: Second Daughter, Middle School 3rd Year
Nakano Mutsuki: Oldest Daughter, High School 2nd Year
Nakano Haruki: Oldest Son, High School 1st Year
Nakano Uzuki: Third Daughter, Primary 3rd Year
Nakano Satsuki: Fourth Daughter, Primary 3rd Year

Mutsuki gets 3 costumes, while everybody else each get 1.
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Reminder that the number corresponds to the number written on the actual page, not the filename.

Apartment No. 28

> Haruki!!

> The second year, Mutsuki-senpai is your sister, right?
> I'm so jealous! You get to live with her

> And not to mention 3 little sisters too
> You're living the dream, man!!
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> I bet you have lewd developments every day!
> (background) Kyaaa!!
> (mini) Damn you
> As if!!

> This isn't some manga. Lewd developments don't happen regularly.

> Ah, the boss.
> Is the shampoo there?
> Hmmm
> (mini) Hm? He's strong...! SFX: button mash sounds

> ...Nee-san, your chest got bigger again...
> Is that so? Ah! I found it

> I can't believe the bath broke while I was boiling it (side) Now we'll need to save hot water
> It's been a while since we got in together

> Hm? Did Aneki and Yayoi just come in...?
> ...Must have been my imagination
> SFX: daze

characters you wish were your dad. pic related.
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He'd just leave before you were born and you'd never know him.
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He knows that. But if he were his dad, he would know his dad had a reason to leave.

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The last two anime you watched switches characters and art style, but the synopsis and the plot stays the same.

What happens?
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Well I was rewatching Bebop then felt like watching the race episode of Space Dandy.

I'm not sure where to go from here
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Zetsubou Sensei and Bebop

The bebop crew just live normal lives where they comment on society in situations.

The class and teacher are on a ship where they try to capture bounties using their strange idiosyncrasies.
>ikkitousen and One Piece
What fresh hell is this? Is this what I get for having shit taste?

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Why did I wait so long ?
It's a masterpiece , I think it's my favourite manga now and I read a lot of them
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Oh cool, I see you read the version for ants.
>just discovered Oyasumi Punpun
>I read a lot of manga
No, you fucking don't.
You don't know and you don't know what the world look like .

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What went wrong?

It was supposed to replace steins gate
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The show got in it's own way with the shitty wittiness of the dialogue. Should have just played it straight.
You should be asking what went right instead. This show is a fucking mess

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I was going to watch this but I've been seeing some bad things about it

Are there really boys in the anime? I thought this wasn't that type of show. Are they just background characters?
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>Yes and No. Male character is in the OP but only been in 1 episode so far.

All trigger shows are gonna get a load of shit. But the general rule for me is that if you're going to watch it, watch it. It's a fun show, we just don't know where it's going yet. Start with the first 2 OVAs then the anime.
It's about pussies, tits and asses all over the place.
Imagine the smell of the Academia without Clorox.
>Show with only girls in it
>a bad thing


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ITT: Post love confessions.
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Isn't that the girl that have the power to make testicles explode?
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No, but now I'm curious.

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Why are special eyes such a common anime trope? And why are they such chunni bait?
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Eyes are the windows to the soul, go figure.
Because they look cool.
Special eyes go back to norse mythology.
Remember Odin?

>"Isekai sucks! I hate SAO and Re:Zero!"
>enjoys anime like Overlord, .hack, and Konosuba
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Konosuba is the only isekai I like because it satirizes the genre
.hack was around before the whole "trapped in an MMO" thing became a tired cliche.
Konosuba seems like something only /tg/ and /v/ users would laugh at due to being a parody of RPGs as well.

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Akatsuki 7.jpg
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Did the author ever make his great escape from prison?
He still updates the WN regularly.

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What are your favorite anime vehicles, /a/?
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8 6
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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I am the fin of my fish.
I hate it.
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I am indifferent to it.

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Who were the strongest of the Akatsuki, how would you power rank them?

Top tier:
High tier:
Shit tier:
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close enough
>Naruto powerlevel threads
It is supposed to give discussion.

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