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This show was so right brained and emotional, how did it not win the hearts of all you plebs?
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no marketing
also it was /a/'s official AOTY so you're retarded
yuri doesnt sell

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Was it rape?
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>thought Moka was going to be annoying
>she's actually the most mature and level-headed character

Really made me think.
Only level headed character in the show is that blonde senpai from Mugi's middle school
>literally retarded and a whore

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Gao Thread
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This Cure is the leader. She is girly, energetic, super-friendly, not the smartest but she always tries her best, big dreamer, busybody.

Which Cure am I describing?
Definitely not Nagisa, Saki, Tsubomi, Hibiki, Mana, Megumi or Mirai. So the candidates are down to Nozomi, Love, Miyuki or Ichika.

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Galko 20-1.jpg
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>Nikuko's mom
Now we know where she gets her fatness from.
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Jesus, I just want to sink into her.
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Nikuko's still on the thicc line, but her mom just an outright obese whale

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Domo, Goblin Slayer desu.

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>Year One
We Batman now.
Well, I mean, no shit? Orcbolg is a fairly straight forward Dark Knight archetype.

anime soon, huh

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Requesting Daidouji with a genderbent version of Star Platinum as a stand.
Reqeusting Raphtalia buried under a ton of Raph-chans. Srceaming internally, externally or eternally
Requesting something cute with Feldt Grace (21 year old movie version) from Gundam 00.

Will Jinbei fill the Vice captain role, officially?
32 x 73
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Let's talk about how Carrot is built for sex.
Ignore shipperfags.

This must be the greatest disappointment I ever had with an anime, I mean, even after watching SAO without knowing that the series would become utter shit after episode 2 wasn't THIS frustrating. Why do you guys overhype this series so much? It's just average at it's best but you guys treat it like it is the Citizen Kane of the shounen genre. I can only think that the hiatuses are the reason that people don't get tired of HxH like it happens with other long running battle shounen.
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People have different tast
I'm like halfway through Yorknew right now I think? I like it, but it took a while to get to that point. The first few arcs aren't great but they aren't bad. It hasn't really been "good" until now though.

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Bow down to your Queen.
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Will Rindô-sama join them ?
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Is he?
Even Takumi has been more cool than him these last chapters.

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>January 2018

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02 .jpg
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What the FUCK happened?
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Production switched t Studio David halfway
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>all those years thinking it was a hokuto no ken joke
>it was actually a jojo reference
New chapter when?

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He wasn't the worst, just extremely bland.

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It aaaall returns to nothiiing
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>How disgusting

What Anno mean by this

Asuka was fucked by Shinji within Instrumentality.

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Why is it so hard to find any fanart of this character?
This long after the fact when it was a smash hit with the most peasant of crowds during it's season, I expected at least one doujin to have been made.
Can't find a single thing. Not one. It's all Mai.

Am I missing something? Or was the show that badly received that no one worth their weight in a tablet pen had stuck with the show to the final episodes?
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Because she truly wasn't that interesting or that amazing a design, compared to everyone else at least.
1 -- Anime only.
2 -- The source novel isn't particularly popular, so hardly any fans who aren't already wanking to Mai.

Which is a shame. I wanted to see more fanart of Haruhiko's edgelord girl friend from Book 2.
Well, they don't call it Phantom Sales for nothing

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Why makes these girls so attractive?
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Those three are so sexy. I've probably spilled a gallon of cum to doujins of them.
There's 4 of them though. Are you implying something?

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