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Sasuke is really cool
Sakura the beautiful
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Here we are with my ninja clan
Ninja clan, here we stand

I'm on my way

Still less cheesy than a YU AH MA FWUEEEND!

You encounter an Azuki Azusa alone in a storage shed. What is your first course of action?
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Get her out because I need to do inventory by the end of the day.

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Why is this allowed?
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>swing a kid around in time to catch two arrows
Why didn't he just dodge?
Alpha as fuck.
because the mangaka is stupid

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Rate my wife.
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Nice legs.

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What went wrong?
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mizuki grew out his hair
Translator drama

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Stupid completionism of mine, made me watch it till the end. S1 was alright and Rikka's story kinda made sense, but s2 took the chuni shit so far it was unbearable. How did you cope with it?
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There's a space bar for a reason.
Watch 5 minutes, take a break to roll about on the floor and get rid off all the second-hand embarrassment, then continue watching.
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S2 is garbage. Just pretend it doesn't exist.

Who was your favorite character?
>How did you cope with it?
By looking fapping to Shinka and thinking how good S2 it could be if Satone had a chance with Yuuta.

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I'm gendo ikari ask me anything
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If you glued your gloves together, why don't you just take them off?
I do take my gloves off and they are not glued
What's your favourite kind of sandwich?

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So I just noticed recently that Wakabayashi Toshiya themselves posted the english translation of his own manga, albeit very wonky. Is it a good idea to approach them and offer them that I would be happily help him translate into englando?
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Go for it.
>tsurezure children
Glad to see I'm not the only one following it.
Mad cute series.
dude what?

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ITT: God-tier soundtracks
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A shame it's a shit adaption in basically every other way

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>Dat comfy jazz that reminded me of Hey Arnold!
>Dat lineup of late-90s/early-2000s pop songs used as the EDs

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What the fuck was his problem?
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How do you explain why the sum of all natural numbers is -1/12?
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Dude reminds me of Don Ramon.
Nothing, he was pretty much right if I remember.

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Oreimo tier?
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nah its gonna be better
Yeah worst girl wins again.
>nobody care for my series
>let's just start by talking about Oreimo

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Imaishi and Yoshinari got interviewed by Egoraptor of all people

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>Egoraptor will become a key animator at Trigger in our lifetime
He's given up animating, he said he never enjoyed it.

Egoraptor's a professional voice actor now.
>oh no people that can do whateved they want is doing interview woth somsone i dislike
fuck off trigger is shit

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What were some anime in which the protagonist
was the worst character of it?
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A good chunk of harem anime. Asterisk and Bahamut had some of the shittiest MCs I have ever seen.
It's series like this one and Index where the author comes up with a skeleton of a premise for a story and makes it up as the go and ends with something entirely different. There's no way in hell she should have been the MC. She had the least amount of chemistry with the rest of the cast.
is the anime hugely different than the manga? because the guy was definitely the mc of the manga

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Good day, my dear glasses lovers.
Just finished translating ch2.
I'll warn you in advance, you might find some instances of "usual" cumbersome, that's because I couldn't think of a good way to use "normal" in the office scenes and I wanted to keep "futsuu" consistently translated throughout the chapter.

>No good, as usual
>Can he really use the word "usual" when talking about a person who's barely been assigned here for a month?
>As usual, not good at all.
>The last magazine he worked for must've been ran differently. He'll get used to it, that's how it usually goes.
>Well, well, I'm sure Kawara-kun must have burning passion deep inside him, so it's alright.
>Editor-in-chief, last year you said the same about that new guy who quit in a week.
>What does he even mean by usual?
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Chapter 2: The usual glasses.
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You're one of those unusual people, aren't you? Meganebashi Hanako.
What's with that all of a sudden? I'm a usual, run-of-the-mill, absolutely commonplace glasses lover.
Do I have the will to argue with that?
Here, to thank you for the last article.
...Kawara-san, so you weren't just a rude person then.
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>I-I'm sorry.
>I apologise for entering such a lovely shop just to spend some time!
>Oh no, please feel free to look around.
>Dear customer.
>If possible, could you please take a look at our glasses rather than me?

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Cases where the anime adaptation is better than the source material. Monster is one of those.
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