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2deep4u endings that only you get that most people don't.
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Can't find the scene after; but you get the gist.
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One more month until she returns. Who else can't wait for more Megumi? No drama please.
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More like one more week until she wins for certain.
I want to sniff her socks after a long day out. How would they smell?
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I hate this dumb fucking bitch. Hypocritical, vindictive, toxic. And I can't stand how Ryuji71 bans ANYONE who doesn't give her constant praise.

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How much longer ?
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It'll be shit. This fight doesn't work unless you can understand Shirou's internal logic and reasoning.
Which works with a VN but not an anime.
Same with Herc versus Shirou.
>tfw emiya starts playing
>tfw they use this very same image you have in the OP
>tfw they actually pull it off

I swear to god if they fucking pull this off well i will be hype

That only applies to shit fucking secondaries that don't know what is going on in shirou's mind during the scene.
There are more people that have watched Fate/Zero or F/SN UBW than have read the VN.

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Only 1 more month now!
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I need to watch season 2
i forgot this was a thing
has anybody read chapter 300 and beyond?
need to continue from chapter 212
man i thought people would translate this shit since its basically rumiko's casual work

These three girls have something very specific in common. Can you figure out what it is?
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They're female

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Hello /a/ I have a kind of dumb question: are mangakas also writters? I mean like professional writers, having the same knowledge and abilities that an experienced book or tv writer has. Because it seems really hard to come up with these convulted overarching stories that seem planned since the beginning, doing characterization, plotting and all that stuff. Not only they are incredibly talented artists but also great storytellers, so how do they do it?
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Fuck off frognigger
What the actual fuck are you talking about? Maybe you should properly collect your thought before vomiting on your phone.
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They have editors you silly frogposter.

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Holy fucking shit Yoh Yoshinari and Imaishi in an interview with some american guy.

I don't even care who or how this happened but it's a fucking Yoh Yoshinari on tape.

Get in here, sakugafags.

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It was actually a rather well conducted and very down to earth mature interview I've seen with them. It really breaks down barriers and stereotypes a lot that's for sure.
Is it just me, or Yoshinari looks like he's gained weight compared to when the LWA Making Of was filmed?
That my nigga Egoraptor

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This Lord of Calamity is hungry for her younger brother and her nephew flesh. Are you brave enough to stop her evil?
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She's a cute!

What are you trying to imply?
I'd let a cute girl kill me just because she's a cute girl tbqh.

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Is having a body this lewd sacrilegious?
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Okay if she masturbates.
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Nope god gave her that body
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How do we purge all shonen trash off this board?
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you purge shonen you purge the board. don't pretend to fetish fuel shit you jerk off to is any more deep
we build a wall
We should purge faggots who think shounen = fighting kiddy shows instead.

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New season when?
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What would they do about Yoshinoya?
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Nice gif, op
Seriously , nigger?

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What did you think of this show?
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Interesting idea, piss-poor execution
What a fucking pile of shit
Modern masterpiece of story telling and world building. Pacing and art could have been better.

Can someone tell me why half the anime selection on Netflix is written by Gen Urobochi? Does someone on their staff have a massive boner for him or something? They even have Gargantia and I didn't know anyone cared about that show apart from /a/.
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>using netflix to watch anime
OP is normalfag trash confirmed.
at least hulu is relatively decent. its got cowboy bebop, trigun, snk, sailor moon, a few gundam seed series, flcl, ruroni kenshin, steins, jojo's ba, fma, watamote, ranma, psychopass, the generic shonen, and shit like k-on and umaru-chan.

i mean its surprisingly decent given how accessible it is. there arent a lot of apps on mobile or smart tvs to stream shows.

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Would you a fat breasted ghost?
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what are her measures?
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Bang her ass like a bongo drum
>Yuuko claims to weigh only 500 g (about 1 lb).[1] However, her official weight is in fact 56.2 kg. Her height is 168 cm. Her chest measurement is 88 cm. Also, Yuuko's eyesight is 20/10 (decimal value = 2.00), and she doesn't have any

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Why does Akira Toriyama hate Yamcha?
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itt: characters only cucks will understand
He used to be the guy they used to showcase how strong people were, then the gap grew too big and he couldn't keep up, so he just sits at the side.
that's so true, it hurts

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