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Why is she so great?
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because bat a best
The bandaid.
Her laugh

The fact that Ippo has lost twice while Takamura is still undefeated basically guarantees Takamura will die before the manga ends, right? The story can't end with Ippo still being second banana to someone in his own gym.
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He'll be fine. Now let him get ready for his next fight.
It's essentially impossible for Ippo to exceed Takamura's legacy. We'd have to have another two thousand chapters for Ippo to catch up.
>kill off the only reason people put up with this trash for 1000+ chapters

Yeah, sounds like a great idea.

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anyone still reading this?
things just got really odd anyways noragami general
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I still am
>cherry boy x slut
I like this.

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would you a femsaitama?
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I'd spray my load all over her bald head, they'd call me one stroke man
I would tell her to fuck off, like I would to the original male version
literally cancer

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Why are you stating an opinion held by the vast majority of the population.
Because he knows this is /a/ and it will bait buttblasted faggots who will hate because she's popular.
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Are anime originals inherently better than adaptations?
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No. There have been original shows that have been terrible or received negative reception.
Why would you think that?

No, but it's no coincidence that the most memorable shows are anime original.

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what are the things on her head /a/?
They're not eyebrows, she has them under the white things.
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My cum stains
her eyebrows
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Do Japan even have shit out of place accessories like these.

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Has anyone seen the nyankos?
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In my pants.
Post more Nyanko
Next ep when?

What's the best thing about Shimakaze?
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The fact that she does not in fact have a penis
As a human creation it will do anything the creator said and intended it to do.

The creator will not be rejected, humiliated, make fun of, or be ignored by the creation.
The dick

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I love Kyoukai, she is perfection.
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Also, translation never. ;_;
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Ten is where it's at.
Pretty sure this was translated anon.

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You bought tickets, right?
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Already seen it. Most dissapointing of the trilogy.
Hoolleee shiiit.

I've only seen the first one and I was literally nauseated by how fucking awful it was. At least a third of the film was literally Araragi walking. Nothing else. Just walking.

Then the whole fucking scene with Kisshot was embarrassing as hell. Who the fuck's first reaction is to pick up and embrace a person lying in a pool of blood? Setting aside the fact it's not anywhere close to emergency medical procedure, it's also not a fucking human response.

Than he fucking throws her across the room when he notices that she has no arms or legs? What the fuck?

I actually laughed when they superimposed a baby crying over Kisshot's pleas. How fucking hamfisted could they be with symbolism; were they trying to brain the audience with it?

And that movie wasn't the worst in the series? How the hell?
Learn how to type a paragraph you insufferable cunt.

>Fujimoto was a clone of one of the Kings of Hell

I'm not sure that was a twist that really needed to happen, but whatever
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I hope she doesn't just get married and leave the exorcists. I know she doesn't really have any powers right now, but it would be lame if she stops fighting all together
It was pretty much inevitable. Once the cloning thing came up, he was guaranteed to either be a clone, or be one of the people they were cloning.

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what kind of spell is this?
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I want to fuck with Konata?
She's entranced by the dick.
The your subconscious force you to come out the closet kind of spell.

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Can't hear something I never watched in the first place.
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I'll start: Lain is garbage.
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What's Lain about? I'm thinking on seeing it.
think that shitty johnny depp movie where he's a computer all of a sudden and thats pretty much it
I want to fuck Lain.

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