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Is Steins Gate the greatest anime of all time?
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One of the greatest, but not THE greatest. (That is Aria the Origination.)
2nd after Umaru
I liked when she quoted Heidegger

>Black Rabbit
>Is clearly Japanese
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I want to fuck You.
>Ghochi USA
>takes place in Japan
The hells goin on here?
Japs arent rabbits

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Here's your order of a Cappuccino and hot Cocoa.
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My doggy Cocoa is so faithful.
those boobs are pretty nice.
I love this guy's art

When I saw this, I honestly thought it was going to turn into Yaoishit.
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>using the name field for the subject
>making a subject at all
I wanted to make my post as visible as possible. It is a tactic for drawing attention.
Believe it or not it's one of the straighter show of the season.
>Brocon imouto
Even Ecchan who seemed to be /u/ material kept getting moments with Ohta.

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Yaya kawaii
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Rewatched the series a few days ago.
It was a lot better than I remember and I actually enjoyed the premise of instead of shitty 1 vs 1 tournaments it had a battle royale/royal rumble style.

Way fucking better than some of the other battle harems released in the last two years. But this series had some weird fucking fixation with characters having that one damn catchphrase they won't shut up with.
>I'm a compassionate man, but I hate two things...
I wanted to punch the guy every time he said that

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Explain this monkey
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Something about that monkey doesn't look right.
Doing some kind of an 80's breakdancing move?
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whatever could you mean?

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How have people seen ordinal scale already?

w-was it good
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Did you like the SAO anime?
If yes, then you'll like Ordinal Scale too.
Is it like the first one or the weak shit second half of the first season or the oh god it's so bad tranny version with guns and shit?
when can i watch it?

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Just watched this movie, why does almost everyone think this is the best movie ever? was this even supposed to be a series but got turned into a movie?

the whole 3 year difference thing was kind of out of nowhere
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>Taki and Mitsuha will never experience high school sex ;_;
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>was this even supposed to be a series but got turned into a movie?
Good question. It would explain the out of place montage we got in place of actual comfy slice of life content.
And for the record the whole movie was out of nowhere
>3 year time gap
>time travel
>changing events that have already happened
>two different timelines
>body swapping
There were no explanations for any of it other than the Shinto god being bros just because she's a shrine maiden. Literally "It's Magic I Don't Have to Explain Shit the Movie."
Also the fact that the two fell so deeply in love with each other over texts was pathetic... They never even talked with each other through the journal entries either, just laid out ground rules for each others bodies and criticized each other.
>Japanese High School students
They're not American or deliquents.
implying they didn't jerk off or masturbate when they swapped bodies

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Why is she so perfect?
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She is perfect, but her sister is perfecter.
Komachan is cute but she can't compete with her sister
pro tip: she isn't

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Discuss GitS or just post pictures of the Major, your choice.
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I want to fuck and impregnate her so fucking bad desu.

>inb4 3DPG
Also this should be on /tv/ for now, /a/ won't talk about it.
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Ghost in the Taco Shell.jpg
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>pork in a shell
>ghost in taco bell
>body shaped like a bell
>200 pounds feeling swell
>farts loud as 100 decibel
>android lipid cell
>belly stuck in a well
>diet plan? do tell
>weight watchers was hell
>in the fridge i dwell
>after sports i smell
>tumblr says I'm a bombshell
>gluttons are our clientele
>elevator instead of stairwell
>perky tits farewell
I saw a pre-screening of the movie and it was meh tier. Which I guess exceeded my expectations.

Identify one defect
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hair too purple
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Narrow it down to 'Just one" only?
No fang

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How would you get out of this situation?
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Why would I want to get out of this situation?
[x] stop resisting
Summon Shinka to beat them up

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Nyanko is ____!
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Missing, again.
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I know, I didn't think I'd need to keep this image but I'm glad I did

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Hard mode: the show must have averaged less than 1000 discs sold in Japan.

Starting with the prime example.
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>Hard mode: the show must have averaged less than 1000 discs sold in Japan.
You fail.
I didn't say I was following hard mode, though.
Is Lain really forgotten in Japan? Or is it like here, like 2chan circlejerks it but no one else cares?

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Who cares just post more Hikari
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Literally me on the right

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