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You guys remember Hadena? I remember Hadena
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>incorporated rancor

Man 4 years passed like nothing.
What's even funnier that these guys actually had a English editor so grammar wasn't bad, just the terminology might as well have been from a different medium alltogether because of the translator.
Didn't help that the translator ignored much of the editors corrections and went with his own in the final scripts.

Well that was boring as fuck. I watched JoJo (1-26) 2012 and it wasn't as fun as I thought.

I was expecting an urban gangster story with fabulous men looking like this. But this barely looked like this.
Everything about the story was just 'You fell to MUH trap and threads.'
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>watch part 1 and 2 expecting part 5
really makes u think
I don't get people overhyping Jojo. It's a 7/10 shonen, nothing more nothing less

If you didn't listen to the fucktards praising it as some sort of masterpiece you would have enjoyed it more
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>you just didn't get to the GOOD PART yet
top zozzle

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Who's the target audience here exactly?
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My penis.

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>there are people on 4chan RIGHT NOW who find Kurumi sexually and romantically attractive

Explain your weird ass tastes.
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You wouldn't a clock?
I'm so high-test curvy trees turn me on
Whats weird about it?

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Technically he is a vampire, right? So his child with Hitagi will be a half-vampire like Episode?
Is Hitagi ok with that? She hates supernatural.
In Owari she promised to dump Araragi for a better match and it's a good reason to find someone else.
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But Hanekawa would be totally fine with a half-vampire child.
>In Owari she promised to dump Araragi for a better match and it's a good reason to find someone else.
I dunno how people keep misinterpreting that scene considering she explains what she means in the exact same scene. That was her talking about how she doesn't believe that any person is perfect/destined to be with another person and that a relationship is something that needs to be worked at, and that if Araragi ever stopped working at it on his end she'd dump him. That applies to her as well and she goes on to say that both she & Shinobu have chosen him over everyone else.
You are probably right. But it doesn't change anything. She will drop him like Shinobu did with The First. Araragi's karma.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I really like it
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Be careful when eating fish.
What a disgusting fish

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Whats the first thing you notice about this image?
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Crap girl
That cunt. If you didn't, you're a fagggot.
Puffy vulva.

No retarded shitposting, post yours and r8 others, discuss Wapanese cartoons.
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trois fois trois.png
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+Bebop, FLCL, Tatami Galaxy, FMA
-Kill la Kill, Tengen Toppa

+Tatami Galaxy, NHK, Paranoia Agent, Zetsubou Sensei, Evangelion

+GotS, Mononoke, Mononoke Hime. Haibane Renmei, Mushi-shi, Tatami Galaxy

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She's coming back r-right?
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Nigga she got her neck sliced. She's dead.
>yfw she will never split watermelon again.
She's dead lad. Unless it's all an elaborate ruse but somehow I doubt it
Not that it matters because I'm not reading this anymore

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Are you glad Blame! finally gets an actual movie, or are you afraid it will be shit? Discuss.
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>3D CGI shit
Netflix funding is great as they pick stuff the nips wouldn't animate but why the fuck do they keep on going with Polygon Pictures? Give the project to a better studio.
Looks like Electro-fishers grew up a bit, won't be dwarves anymore. And Cibo got shorter too, she used to be double the length of the Electro-Fishers.

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ITT anime only you have watched
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kashimoto is a weird guy
I watched tat show in CHV
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kuromi was best girl

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I've been cautiously optimistic about the live-action movie.

Can we have a discussion thread?

It appears to be going for a mix between the original movie and the 2nd Gig story of Kuze.

I hope the spider-tank sequence is as well paced as the original movies.
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Fuck off
>It appears to be going for a mix between the original movie and the 2nd Gig story of Kuze.

It's nothing but a selection of scenes pulled from everywhere all put together into a basic hollywood revenge plot that has nothing to do with GitS. It's clear that the project is nothing but a way to grab cash from all the curious fans. Under no circumstance should anyone pay to see it.
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>Making of Cyborg dubstep remix

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nyanko is missing.jpg
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Where is nyanko?
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Nyanko is sex.
In my stomach.
Nyanko uprising when

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It's legit, we're getting a tv anime this Fall. Thanks based WIT

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What's this? Is it worth caring about or is it just a generic LN adaptation?
>it's another shoujo with a red haired main character
Is it at least better than Shirayuki was?
It's Seinen, actually.

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Why are Japanese people so null at english?


Why is so fucking cute?
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>Fuckin' Jeez!

Anyways, they speak American better than I speak Nip

Though you'd think a country that's trying to teach all of its children a language would have better results. They probably just need to start teaching earlier, since young kids are incredibly good at picking up languages.
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It's got nothing to do with the teaching methods.

Why can you find immigrants who've spent 20+ years living in the states who still barely speak English, despite immersion being the best possible way to learn a language?

It's because, at home, everyone speaks something other than English. They interact in primarily non-English language. They never adapt it, so they never really bother to learn it very well, and they never practice so what they do learn they don't retain.

English in Japan is the same. Once the students leave school, the rest of their life is entirely based in Japanese. Hell, once they are out of English class, the rest of school is all Japanese. They never have enough interaction or practice to actually assimilate any of the language they are learning, beyond understanding some rote vocabulary.

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