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How can you write a saber type archetypal character but make it interesting at the same time?
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They're already interesting though
you make Shinji Kido.
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You write best Saber.

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Friendly reminder that Utaha is best girl and any other opinion is objectively wrong
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>Friendly reminder that Megumi is best girl and any other opinion is objectively wrong

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Utaha > Mayu > Megumi > Michiru > Izumi >>> shit >>> Eriri
>dude tiddies eksdee
Fuck off.

>New Slayers never ever

I don't know if I should be happy that the industry today can't shit on it anymore than they did with Revolution, but I just want more Lina shenanigans and adventures with Naga.
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I'd prefer they go on with the anime continuity so there can be more seasons with Zel and Amelia in the cast.

Even if they can't make more anime, at least it would be nice if they made another manga series. They could continue with the Hourglass of Falces universe or something.
Martina best girl
>wanting more Slayers
They'll just ruin it famalam.

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Violet Evergarden CM 第2弾.webm
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An English review just came out of this novel and apparently it's pretty bad, will it be just another underwhelming adaptation with good PVs from KyoAni like Kyokai no Kanata?
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>An English review
Possibly I haven't read it but I am still going to watch this.
People who watches KyoAni shows doesn't watch them for plot or storytelling, they watch it for the visuals and saguga.
If you expect anything else, please, stop watching KyoAni.

Just finished watching Redline. What was my opinion of it?
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Literally the pinnacle of animation as a visual medium.
first post, best post

Only real niggas watched this show as a kid
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I watched it but I didn't like it.
I watched it and liked it.
You should now post it everyday until other people like it.
I really liked it because I love wacky racing shit.

post your charts lads
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That's not very good. Do you think you have good taste?
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Does your pic looks like a 3x3 for you?
mango on the bottom

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Look, is a fairy dragon!
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elma is my wife
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Patrician taste

Post more of her
All the dragons need to go on a diet.

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Please watch TV animation in a well-lit room and be careful not to sit too close to the screen
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The localized episode previews with the dub actors were so terrible.
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Thanks for the reminder OP
>You may dream

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>School Days anime is almost 10 years old
>Nice boat meme is almost 10 years old
>You will be here forever

Jesus christ I feel old as fuck now
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> have middle school crush
> would talk about my anime shit and they would listen because we were friends, otherwise they never seemed interested is chinese cartoons
> one day I mention school days absentmindedly
> several days later tell me they googled school days and it sounded fucked up, then asked me if I watched that
> say no that I just knew about it because of the internet
Good memories
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za sekai.png
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Was this a jojo reference?
The original VN is 11 years old. Trying to get all the endings without a guide was fun. To this day this is still my biggest "fuck you /a/ I liked it".

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What do people see in You?
>You is the cutest girl by far in Sunshine
>suffers the most

Why is this allowed?
I wish I could wear cute hats like You

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Subaru is inferior to pic related

Ram is driven by douchebag hicks from Alberta who think they own the road
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No, this is Subaru
Learn the difference
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Get out of the way, nerds.

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What do you want to see from him?
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his eyes
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A mug of hot coffee
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Destruction of all Pokemon.

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chew chew.gif
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Trying the taste and texture of my cum, I see.
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chew chew chew.gif
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ITT: Anime women will never understand
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All of them
If I couldn't understand it, how is a narrow-minded woman going to?
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It's pretty damn ironic

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