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Kobeni thread
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That artist is so fucking awful. Her skin looks like plastic.
Loliconder is great

You're only allowed to go on a date with one of them decide wisely, Kei or Yuri.
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Kei, no contest. I want to sniff her armpits and lick her asshole.
Kei. I want her to be my husband.

Guess I'll take Yuri then and have a fine evening over excellent cuisine discussing literature, philosophy and the arts.

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Why is manga horror so difficult to achieve?
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I think horror is hard to do with just pictures, period. Film, video games, short stories, sure, but, for some reason, it just doesn't look that scary when it's drawn on paper.
Nah. Pictures are fine, it's animation that doesn't translate well unless you use some very distinctive or experimental style. Maybe culturally we're just too used to associate animation with funny shit.
None of Ito's works are scary.

Except for The Bully.

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Whichever end Konata sucks on.

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ITT: old things you miss in anime

TL notes
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i really miss that
Karaoke was annoying, it would clutter the screen with 3 different fonts all changing colors and shit.

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>they still post on old fashioned /a/ when /spa/ is a thing
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No winter Olympics going on; no tanoshii sports to talk about.
it depresses me how many of you are 3rd world shitters, I'm sticking with my comfy denial
>he isn't a 3rd world shitter
Step up anon.

>ITT: Only 10/10 shonen arcs
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chimera ants and cipher pol 9
Not even the best arc in the serie except Ikki vs Shaka

Dumping Infection 31 and 32 (including extra chapter)

This wraps up the volume

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ITT we pick our favorite dubs 4kids has done, and the best in your opinion.
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That's a good one
Mostly they just did well in terms of voice cast and considering that's usually the worst thing about a lot of dubs that already puts some stuff they've done with a likable cast above some other dubs because it's not painful to listen to. Sure they change and censor shit, but the alternative wasn't much better.

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Clone end incoming?
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Hopefully no.
That would be weird, but it's over, so at this point I don't care if it happens. This manga doesn't take itself too seriously anyway and pokes fun at itself a lot.
Is this how we'll get Riko as her own character?
Bonus points if it's the "real" Rito who gets stuck as Riko.

Kanna is a good girl, waiting patiently for Santa to bring her lots of presents.
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You know what else she's waiting for?
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>Kanna gets kicked out of an entire dimension because she was misbehaving so badly
>Is the very model of good behavior for Kobayashi
What's going to happen if Kanna's parents ever come to get her?

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post what you'll do when pic related comes out
the bigger and more dangerous it is, the more karma influence it will have on the universe and if it's enough it'll make Despera come out for real
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Can a person die of dehydration from too many orgasms? I'll try.
There would be no words to describe the happiness I would feel if it came out but I'm losing faith at this point.
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I'll ________________watch it____________

is this suppose to be hard to watch?
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The tranny made me hard if you understand my anecdote.
No, it's supposed to be fun.
And it is.
Just drop it.

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Walk in, see this, what do?
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That's the sexiest burrito I've ever seen.
That one doujin
Lick its butthole.

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Stuff time

The ropes made by the sleep demon Enmu,
Have a special power which can allow others to invade the dreams of those connected to it.
56: Wake up
Side: The attack of the demon who started it all...
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"The 'real body' is there"

"Make sure he doesn't notice me"

"Quickly... to the 'bridge of dreams'..."
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The dream that the sleep demon Enmu shows you doesn't last forever,
The dreamer ends up in the center of a circle.

There is an area of unconsciousness outside the dream.
[Diagram: Out to in] Unconsciousness, dream

"The 'core of the spirit' lies in the unconsciousness area"
"If this is destroyed, its owner will become [mentally] crippled.

"There it is"
"It's the 'wall' "

"The scenery keeps going, but it doesn't go any further than this"

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