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What is the next live-action Hollywood adaptation?
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I actually want to see it. It's a good fit.
Ask >>>/tv/

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>DEVILMAN crybaby
>Directed by Masaaki Yuasa


Will Netflix destroy anime or make it better?
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Netflix isn't producing it, it's being made at Science Saru.

What I mean is that Netflix will distribute anime to a worldwide normie fandom who netflix & chill (I suppose this is Japan Only but I bet they'll put it for world wide view anytime).

They are also putting other ones like Seven Deadly Sins 2nd Season, Little Witch Academia or BLAME!

Netflix will pay the production companies distribution rights anyways so they are financing them. The point is if they'll also pressure companies to make some changes for international market or not. That's the problem.
I think if anything, you should be grateful that it's a more progressive company like Netflix. I don't think something as brutal as Devilman could faithfully be made with most other companies. They're doing the same for Little Witch Academia, which has no sign of being tempered with. It's just paranoia.

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>Yuri, let's sleep together
What did Victor mean by this?
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He wanted to paint each other's nails, talk about boys, and have a pillow fight
Pretty much this
Post BD comparisons please.

He wanted to fuck the pole-dancing semen demon who humped him and invited him home last GPF banquet.

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Happy 11th Anniversary, Haruhi!
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Has it really been that long?

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"Green Acres" goes to Japan?
Whats the day its gonna air? hoping for some chill mid week watch.
Can't wait for countryside Shirobako.

>[SallySubs] Gangsta [BD 720p AAC]

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>Waits for his blu ray rips
>It's 720p

Good job
>[14:31:11] <&TheKey> Anime [SallySubs] Gangsta [BD 1080p FLAC] 38.69GB https://anidex.moe/dl/35887
>[14:31:14] <&TheKey> Anime [SallySubs] Gangsta [BD HEVC 1080p FLAC] 11.77GB https://anidex.moe/dl/35889


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Absolute masterpiece
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>discount Nichijou with worse characters
Absolute no translation too.
It was okay. It could be better.

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Did Hitagi cheat with Kaiki?
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Are secret meetings and calls cheating?

ITT: Animes that could've been great if they had followed the manga plot, but were instead reintegrated by their studios to something completely different.
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Great is a Strong Word for Rosario Vampire.

The first anime took another path simply because the manga wasn't finished. They preferred to go with whatever since they couldn't wait, being a monthly manga, and they couldn't just ask what was going to happen on the manga either. It was the best solution at the time, and It does happen when the anime comes out too soon. It did mean we got two anime of the same manga.

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>Two of the mangas that Japan wants animated are Idols

Really makes you think.
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No it doesnt. Japs live idolshit
>Happy Sugar Life
kek can't wait
>Japan wanted to see Happy Sugar Life anime
The fuck?
I thought Japan hs shit taste?

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What do older women like Misato see in a teenage boy like Shinji?
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Fresh Penis
they see something they can fuck relentlessly and who can keep going and recover quickly.

Meat dildos.
This plus motherly instincts. It's sorta along the same lines as why girls enjoy trying to fix damaged/bad boys, but...well motherly.

Catching up on IBO, what the FUCK is going on?
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Atra and Mika fucked.
Is Mika getting his semen stolen so Atra and Kudelia can have a lesbian family?
Something that won't get a satisfactory payoff.

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kind of a wet fart ending if I can say so myself
This is a problem that I ran into so often in this media
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It went to shit the moment they grew into adults.
Then got worse with the cultist shit nobody cared about.
And finally the ending was the very definition of meh
But yeah manga is great premise shit execution: the medium
I couldn't agree more, punpun aiko was the meat of the manga and punpun's family relation was also very good since it showed that he was just a product of the enviroment
everytime it cut for seki and his gay friend with the cultist shit it was such a "well here we go again I guess", such boring nonsense.
Then their aiko + punpun just endend with her killing herself, just like that, it was like things were happening and suddenly they stop happening, didn't feel fullfiling
I guess most people consider it a masterpiece but I really don't
It was considered masterpiece tier while it was running, since it ended though it no longer gets much recognition.
Even the people that defend it realize in hindsight that is not that great.

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Most glorious scene in OPM?
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The one where you leave the board and never come back.
That isn't a scene in OPM.
haha opm, what an epic show!

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Kanna/Renge friendship thread
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I want to sleep with both of them at the same time.
Who would win in a fight to the death?
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I need more pictures with Kanna and Renge. Help.

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