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I'm a filthy secondary.

90% of the anime I've watched was Toonami or AS dubbed shit. The only anime series I've gone out of my way to watch subbed was Princess Princess and that was many many moons ago. Everything I know about anime outside of this is from friends, 4chan, niconico video ports on youtube, and video games that reference anime (Akiba's Trip for example).

Getting "into" anime at this point is a seemingly impossible task. There's the issue of volume, and no mortal man has enough time to sift through enough to get up to speed in time for the next season if they have no basis to begin with.

There's also the issue of me being nearly incapable of keeping up with TV series. I've managed to keep up with a tiny handful over the years, but I just can't do it unless my interest level is abnormally high.

Am I just a person who will never "get" anime? Am I doomed to forever be a filthy secondary no matter how hard I try?
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Go TL;DR blog somewhere else.
What is the point of your thread?
no, its perfectly normal. Nobody here actually likes anime, we just do it so we have something to talk about

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Did he deserve to be forgiven?
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What? He went to prison and got his punishment. Now he is the edgy father who makes sure that there won't rise another evil force.
he's the last member of an genetically important group so yes
By the general population? Sure

By his former teammates who kept loving him despite everything while he tried to kill them? No

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evafags: defend this episode.
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Well really no___________________________

Nothing wrong with it.
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>chlorine like a public swimming pool
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Tea and keki
Gallons upon gallons of cum.

and fish

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OVA is scheduled for September 13th.

New series is due for January 2018
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More Dan Kim comics?
Poor Tomo.
>Same seiyuu
My heart and dick can't wait.

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who wouldnt want to be the king?
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And if you did, what would you do?
Anon she's scarred.

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Shitposting aside, is anyone else genuinely interested in this?
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That thing that KyoAni will adapt from a novel, like almost all of their recent works?
The Pv looked amazing, with a lightning that was astonishing.

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>[HorribleSubs] Sekai no Yami Zukan - 01 [1080p].mkv
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Ayy lmao.
That was super eh, disappointing.
For some reason it reminded me of those "this is a true story that happened to a friend of a friend" cartoons.

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>babby's first time watching the eva movie
Best girl being Best girl.
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>Evafags think that looks "scary"

Whenever anime tries to be shocking, I just can't get into it. I just end up laughing at it. You can't present me with wide eyed moeblobs and then try to be this dramatic with them. Shinji jerking off failed to disturb me. Neither did Asuka getting beaten by the units. It's like Tarsem Singh desperately wanting his audience to be shocked, to think that he's some kind of genius.

The core plot was retarded and uninteresting. The characters remained static for 99% of the series. Eva was trash.

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Why am I so attracted to this feisty little lesbian, /a/?
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I want to hatefuck her so bad. I can't wait for the day her plot armor fails.
You have a proper disdain for homosexuality and subconsciously wish to teach her the wonders of dick
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ITT : Concept art
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if it is real human skin like there shouldn't be visible seams
if it is like plastic there shouldn't be nipples
>there shouldn't be nipples
Why? She's supposed to look human

This smile was not only not protected, but got an entire movie dedicated to destroying it.
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>we will never see more of normal nagato from the movie
Deserve to be destroyed honestly.

The only one worth protecting is imouto.

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gurren lagann.jpg
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>Kamina once said to me "Don't believe in yourself, just believe in the me that believes in you"
No you fucking bitch he said that to Simon in front of you two episodes ago and hasn't said it since.

Is Yoko fucking retarded?
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The whole anime is retarded
TTGL was my favorite anime
I still remember it dearly.
Don't shit on it you damned fag
Ttgl had a great story but shitty music. I give it a solid 6/10 due to the recap episode.

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Rei Love/Asukafag hate thread let's go
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did someone say kaworu thread?
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About time somone started this, gg walde

Relax and take it easy
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Cosmos request 2.png
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Hello to everyone on WWHD! If anyone has time, can somebody draw Cosmos from Fairy Tail?

-Her with my SI (http://i.imgur.com/9k8aV16.png) doing gardening activities.
-Drawn in Mr.Driller's (http://i.imgur.com/dzRnUGo.gif) or Puyo Puyo's artstyle (http://i.imgur.com/C7yEUmZ.jpg)
-Dressed as M4 from TPP, gun optional (http://i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/749/325/f87.png)
-Almost anything else cute or lewd is also appreciated.

And hope you enjoy your weekend as I.
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Requesting Chelsea, please!

I'd love to see her as a cute school girl, wearing some cute blazer school uniform, and no headphones please. Optionally being on the way to school, maybe with some sakura, but simply being cute is just fine too.

Or wearing sweater, and preferably some black legwear. Preferably with her usual skirt.
Rough example of outfit: http://imgur.com/a/UF0K3

Or wearing cute pajamas, preferably something with shorts, or just a pajama shirt and cute panties, optionally with slightly messy bedhair, or any other cute PJ things.

Anything else cute is also fine!

Please and thankyou!
Something cute of us like this http://www.imgur.com/a/rtQfi together through the years would be nice.

Or Rias flashing a smile similar to any of the ones seen here http://www.imgur.com/a/lGHsq

Something festive or romantic for her birthday (April 9th) would also be more than welcome.

Anything cool or cute would also be appreciated. Thanks and have a nice day.

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