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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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i somewhat like it
I hope you get banned, faggot.
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What do you call a fish with no eyes?
A fsh!

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S2 just began to air. Why is nobody talking about it?

I know SnK is just mediocre but when S1 was airing the board was 90% filled with threads about it. What happened?
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You missed all the threads. SnK had non-stop threads during the last 4 years, we are taking it easy now.

Still expected to sell more than your favorite show, hipster.
I think lots of people got to know the series when the anime started and now after years of waiting to get a second season (12 episodes only) everyone have read the manga already.
we grew up

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What is the best genre of anime, and why is it loli yuri mahou shoujo?
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That genere only has one good show though and it's only good sometimes
Of course I'm talking about Pretty Cure
This was great until it decided to stick to the original script the whole way.
It's like they caught the biggest fish in the lake and just let it go.
Does it HAVE to be specifically loli yuri?

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Why is Shimakaze drawn like this?
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I don't get it either, you can't even see his testicles
porn ruined a great character

only trap shit now
Because like this she isn't sexualized enough.

Completely agree with you.

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Childhood is idolizing Death Note.

Adulthood is realizing that Liar Game is superior.
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Liars game is shit and ends in a cliffhanger though.
Childhood is making template threads.
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This is a mother and son relationship
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It can be
in Belgium
Stop making threads for this whore already.

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ヴィネット is romanized as "Vignette"
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Vignette is pronounced ヴィネット in Japanese.
The author chose a non-Japanese name, and wrote it in a way that would make sense for his readers.
Damnit, guess I'm retarded then, makes sense though.
Almost done making my noose, won't be long.
Holy fuck that's the word I've been looking for . All this time I thought the word was vinaigrette or something, so everytime I tried to search for it I got the sauce instead, and I eventually started to doubt that the word ever existed.
God it's been so long I don't even remember why I needed the word in the first place.

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Cross Ange came out 6 years ago. Where's our season 2?
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2014 was 3 years ago
How's the world in 2020, buddy?
If he can post on 4chan, the world is fine.

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Will Megumin ever escape the lewd?
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Let's take turns raping Megumin.
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Why is it so arousing and fun to lewd Megumin? I've never lewded a girl so much in my life.
2 lewd >= |

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Remember me?
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But Nobunaga no Shinobi is still airing, Elsie.
Shinobu dayo
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I want a season 2 so we can see them fuck, but I doubt Wakamoto would be up for reprising the role at his age.

Yellow or white subtitles?
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White. Or very light grey.
Border color is up to discussion.
FAEBD7 master race.
You disgust me

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Garbage forced winner
>still mad

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I would watch a season focused on Ride
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>human debris defeating master lok
never ever
Mika's Gun puts the gun in freedom.

What was the point of this piece of shit? He gets into the robot like once and then never again
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He's one of three people that aren't complete shits to the Shinji thus giving him a motivation to not get the fuck out or kill himself.
Well, eventually.
Didn't he fucking die?

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>Ctrl-f Veritas in Archive
>0 results

Has anyone else read this fantastic wasted potential? Post yfw Veritas shippuden never ever.
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Too bad both the author and artist are fucking cunts who literally can't compromise or get along with anyone they're writing a story with, which causes them to always get canceled. And they fucking deserve to always get canceled.
It's a generic martial arts story. I don't know why anyone makes a big deal out of it.
Main character is an ugly cunt who nobody likes, that in itself has a charm.
Thee slow ramping up of the escalation was quite well done as well, power levels were established and increased more competently than most shounen manga.
The quality of the illustrations is really nice too.

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