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Cura lolis are amazing. The train girl was cute too
Looks like I'll have to fuck that smugness out of you.
what's so funny you little shit

Should I watch this anime?
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Only if you don't feel like watching it.
Have you already done some sports, phoned your mother and cooked yourself a good meal?
Then yes.
If not, do that first.
That's the conundrum, my dick is telling me to do it, but I don't trust my dick anymore.

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How does /a/ sit through such boring shows?
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Because we're not autistic.
I usually have something else open on my second screen.
Not being 15 helps.

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Is there any anime character who can defeat Tatsuya Shiba?
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Him and Kazuma Yagami are my two favorite MCs. Both shows never lasted long either. Oh the humanity
Tada Banri

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Misato is now taking care of the MC of the last series you watched? How lucky is the MC?
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I'm pretty sure Kenny would be taking care of her.

>Mika kills every angel
>ignores the shitty red head
>nods in understanding to Rei like two autists would
>fucks Misato every night
considering Yuri and Shinji have low self esteem and are motivated through the need for romantic love it'd probably play out the same.
and be a significantly better story that YoI ever was

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How does he look under the mask?
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Probably like a human
>"It's your fault Takuma lost"
No, go fuck yourself, Kevin. Injuries are things that happen.
Is Kevin gay for Dark?

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You lift for her, right?
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>the 18th chapter hasn't been translated yet
I can feel the gains leaving my body
Technically, I think we should rephrase "lifting" into separating.
There is no such thing as "up" in the universe. No direction is privileged over the others.
It is only because we typically spend our lives in a very limited location that we come to think of the tangent to the Earth's average surface (average: as in, ignoring mountains and the like) as the axis of "up" and "down".
But neither of these directions are inherently more difficult than the other, It is only because Earth is there that you need to overcome its gravity in order to move things further away from it. And that is precisely it. You aren't lifting them. You are increasing their potential energy by separating them from a high-mass object, and you are exerting a force equivalent to or greater than the increase in potential energy.

Do you even separate?
Kill yourself, my man.

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Where we reminisce on early days lolcats but with servals instead
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Thousand of years into the future where humanity has gone extinct, a new form of life's taken over Earth. Come inside me to meet these amazing creatures in Walking with Friends!

OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJ8sqTgaZ4k

ED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIzKpnxovCs
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The OP is pretty cute, and the ED is decent.

just let it die already
Here's your (You). Now go away, attention seeking anon.

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Why aren't you reading this?
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i dont get the joke why are the slits scary is it because they look like vaginas?
they are gays and afraid of vagina
oh i guess you have to have read it to get this joke then

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Image related is totally me. I'm quite the sophisticated and intelligent teenager myself. I am athletic and have an edge to my look. Very popular with the ladies and the guys, although make no mistake I have no time for them, since I am expected to and know I will succeed in every ounce of life. I find that my philosophy is also mirrored with Light; scumbags of society, of which lets be honest now - many of you are, should be killed. This is the most efficient way to make the world a better place, and only I know how to do that, since, well, I am by all means more intelligent than most of the human waste alive. Did I mention I am very handsome? You see, I would include ugly people in the waste list as well. We tidy our rooms, work-spaces and we like pretty things, like scenery, flowers and clothes, why should it be any different for the people? But I digress, what do you lowlifes associate with, oh wait, you probably don't since you don't the cognitive ability to do so. And even if you did, everything would be trash since it wouldn't be as good as me.
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I would say L because I'm intelligent, nihilistic and have a wicked sense of humor
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intelligent, nihilistic, etc.
Is this a meta copypasta i dont know about

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>The website for "Hoshiiro Girldrop," manga creator Bkub Ōkawa's April Fool's Day joke, revamped after a midnight countdown on April 2 to announce that a real anime adaptation of Okawa's Pop Team Epic manga has been green-lit through King Records. The self-described "crappy anime" will launch in October, and Kamikaze Douga is animating. The tagline on the website's visual reads, "Remember, Takeshobo …."
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I don't get it.
>self-described "crappy anime"
Ain't that true, it's not funny.

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Now that she's made her intent clear, that she aims to surpass both her sister and Haruna in Rito's heart, WILL SHE ACTUALLY DO IT?!?!
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She behaves more like a wife to Rito than the other two girls, so yeah I could see it happening.
Momo is fucking shit.
So is your mother.

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What was her problem?
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Ah that actually explains it.
She was too precious for this world.

Last day to vote for you Aots. Keep voting here : http://www.strawpoll.me/12637027
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Little witches won't win the poll, but they won my heart!!
Kuzu no Honkai - Scum's Wish

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