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back too thee fuuture,.....
Well... How?
God, animated it screams generic harem so much. Also subs never. It's too bad it'll never have the quality of the original.

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Sun & Moon.jpg
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Why does Ash look like a toddler in Sun & Moon?
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The art style is crap, but it reminds me of Spirited Away, so I'm okay with it.

The animation is pretty okay.

When it comes to Pokemon and battling, he is pretty serious and trains every day with Kiawe (the black dude). And actually doesn't suck so much at battling this season, which is what people expected to happen.

His "companions" have pretty weird goals compared to his previous ones.

It kinda reminds you of the Original Series.

So far, it has been tolerable for me, I like the kot, the doggo and the comedy relief birb. Even Pikachu is strong.
XYZ, DP and the OS still the cake for the best series, though.
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Kind of a shame really. I'm currently playing Moon and absolutely loving it. Wish the anime had been able to match the excellence of the game. Hopefully the overall quality will pick up as the season goes on but I just can't stand Ash's new dumb clueless FACE!
The good

>The animation is still as good as in XY
>Ash is constantly training, this is both shown on screen or mentioned by other characters
>Team Rocket is funny again, and they don't appear in every episode to be considered annoying
>Everyone is more expressive than in BW and XY

The bad
>They haven't done much with the school setting. School was supposed to be important but all the episodes take place outside of it

The different
>New artstyle might take a while to get used to
>Ash staying in the same city instead of traveling around gives off the impression that the plot isn't moving
>The lack of gym battles might bother some people
>The change in tone from XY might also piss off some people

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Who is the coolest Kemono Friend and why is it Golden snub-nosed Monkey?
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Anyone remember african wild dog? didn't think so.
Kemono Friends fangame that's similar to Eversion and has a reverse Undertale genocide route vibe (sort of).

Once you get past the dark stuff it's an amusing but difficult platformer. It does get darker if you don't listen to Serval and uninstall/delete it after beating it twice. Just play the game twice and leave the rest alone if you actually want to play it and still have fun. Then again, I have yet to beat it a third time. Maybe it gets even happier?
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These cute girls will definitely get a second season!

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Kon will make it happen
Kon is best urara.
I want to rape Nono.

Which railgun would be the easiest to rape?
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Saten because she likes it.
It's not rape if she likes D:
She will pretend to not like it, so it's no different for the would be rapist until he goes to leave and she pulls him back by force and demands more.

What is this face trying to convey?
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Smugness over superior breasts
Desire for middle aged dicking

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I remember watching Slayers dubbed on video tape like fifteen years ago as a kid and loving it. Does it hold up or am I remembering it through rose-colored lenses?

Is The Slayers Revolution any good, and should I go back and watch the whole show again before I watch it?

Amelia was my first fictional crush.
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Slayers Next > Second half of Slayers > Slayers Try > First Half of Slayers > Any episode of Slayers Revolution containing Weiser > Slayers OVAs and Movies > Slayers Evolution-R > Slayers Revolution episodes without Weiser.
>generally better than the OVAs/movies
Good enough for me!
Its still decent. Kinda sucks until Naga shows up though.

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Hope you guys are enjoying your magic dykes, it's because of this crap there hasn't been a new Wild ARMS in a decade.
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Sony wouldn't fit the bill for another one anyways.
You're probably right, not enough grizzled Nolan North characters
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I wish there was a Wild Arms 3rd anime.


Virginia is a cutefu.

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Terra ForMars - A New Chapter - #34
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Spring is here, so it's time to take one last look at Winter.

With a survey of 111 /a/nons, it's time to announce /a/'s Officialâ„¢ and Objectiveâ„¢ AOTS 2017 Winter.

Categories include best anime, worst anime, most surprising anime, most disappointing anime, best OP, best ED, best OST, best scene, best girl, best boy, best seiyuu, shows watched, and shows dropped.

The announcements will start below and the complete data sheet will be posted at the end so you can verify I'm not just making this shit up.

And remember, none of this matters anyway because your taste is superior and you've always known /a/ had shit taste.
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no surprise here.jpg
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Kemono Friends - 24 votes
Gabriel DropOut - 8 votes
Little Witch Academia (TV) - 8 votes
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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maidragon - 21 votes

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post your favorite anime OSTs


I love Kaiji s1&2
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paprika's is god tier


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Remove the "r" and you're on to something friendso
that was brilliant anon
artstyle reminds me of the maid dragon manga

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Why are their voices such a fucking horrid shit?
Why is this shit so boring?
What the fuck is that Jobs and crabs shit?
Why fuck js this loved by /a/
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Calm down
Try killing yourself, that might solve the problem and if it doesn't at least /a/ will improve.

Haifuri OVA got translated.

S2 pretty much confirmed.
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best gurl
Man, I forgot how cute these girls are. Tama and the French are still the cutest and best OTP.
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>have to wait two months for the next episode

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Just finished reading this. I loved it but what exactly am I supposed to take away from it? It kinda seemed like a bunch of stuff that just happened for no reason.
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>what exactly am I supposed to take away from it
Hideo is finally at peace with himself.
He doesn't seem that much better off. He's happier but he still seems like just as much of a crazy person.

They throw this hypothesis out there and then they never even fucking show up. If they were trying to wipe out humans but leave the buildings they fucked that up too.

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