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So who's REALLY the perfect fit for Makoto Naegi?
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>So who's REALLY the perfect fit for Makoto Naegi?
kek I'm happy she died in the first chapter of v3, what a shit protag, even Saihara is better
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>what a shit protag
Fitting for Naegi, then.

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Character design looks good.
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Pretty close to the original

I'm readin Dragon Ball volume 18.

At this point everything is fine. The plot is nice, the pacing is good and we learn that Piccolo, Ten Shin Ha, Yamcha and Chaozu are training with Kaio and they're all focused on training real hard to beat Goku.
So far no bullshit and Toriyama makes it feels like after this arc everyone will be near Goku level.


Then a few chapter later we get introduced to some of the worst bullshits in DB:
-Absurd powerlevels
-Saiyans get stronger when they're on the verge of death=> stupid senzu spam
-The legend of the super saian

Do you think Toriyama came up with this shits alone, or is this the influence of his editor? I have the feeling that while he was writting the Namek Arc, Toriyama radically changed his initial plan for BD and while the Namek arc is awsome from A to Z eveything past it is absolute boring shit. Same thing after Naruto Chūnin Exams... it felt like Kishimoto forgot how to right an interesting story. Geez.

Seriously what happened?

t. Fat Mexican
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escalating stakes are what make battle comics interesting
It wasn't handled well here though.

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How important are aesthetics and visual language to you?
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Is Boruto the best anime has to offer?
Nuruturd trash.
Sad, isn't it?

This man slaps your ass. What do you do?
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Let him plug my hole with his flesh bud
Swear loyalty

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That was really sad.
Miura is a pedophile.
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Nah, he has a healthy attraction toward the maure female form

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Almiria's Counter Attack when?
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More like marialmira's endless waltz special edition.
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well, why the fuck not?
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Did somebody order another Dainslaif strike?

Coming right up.

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What catches your eye?
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The weird angle of blinds and the overall odd perspective.
the fact that you posted best girl
everyone else is low tier
Pink toes

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>yea this looks great lets go with it
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does this show have any chance of being better than busou shinki?
which was crappy
busou shinki was good
this is shit

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Look at how beautiful the art is.
KyoAni truly are the saviors of anime.
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>more sameface, style-over-substance bullshit
I'm good, thanks.
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>Look at how beautiful the art is.
Just wait til you see how beautiful the story is.

>Not even while being a machine girl can she be left with wet clothes. As a change of clothes was necessary, she lay a bathrobe around her supposedly perfect body and headed for the bathroom. It had been a while since anyone other than Oscar regularly used it, so in a lapse of memory, he entered it without knocking and ended up seeing her while she was had not changed yet.

>“Ah, I’m sor… ry… eh?”

>He swallowed his breath due to perplexity.


>What was reflected in Oscar’s eyes was a sight more bewitchingly beautiful than any naked woman. Dripping golden hair. Beautiful blue orbs of a dimension that would not soften even within a painting. The finely-shaped lips just below them. A flesh body with a slender neck, an outstanding collarbone, plump breasts, and feminine curves.

>Her artificial arms consisted of metal rings from the shoulders to the fingertips. But it was only them. Despite the many scratches, other than the arms, the rest was surprisingly real skin. With that delicate body, she did not seem at all like a mechanical doll, but a relatively normal human being.

>With everything he had believed in until then being mantled over by the shocking revelation, Oscar tried to confirm what he was seeing many times.

>“Master.” Violet called with a voice that seemed to be judging him as he continued to ogle in astonishment.


>Part of the outcome of that incident was Oscar’s screaming. The other was him half-crying while going beet-red, after having yelled on top of his lungs, frantically inquiring, “Are you human, after all?!”

>Wrapping a towel around herself, Violet plainly commented, “Master is, truly, a troublesome person.” Her cheeks were rose-dusted as she muttered, her face a little lowered.
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>The study that was also a bedroom had Oscar’s previously worn clothes and a pan with leftovers from his last meal all over the floor in a disastrous fashion. Simply put, there had been no space for even one foot to step inside.

>Violet gazed at him with her big pupils. “You called me here with the place in this condition?” her eyes seemed to say.

>“I’m sorry…”

>It was clear that it was not a room someone would work in. Ever since he became alone, he had not used the living room, which was why it was still clean, but the bedroom he frequently entered and exited, the kitchen and the bathroom were in atrocious state.

>Oscar thought he was glad Violet was a mechanical doll. Her body age seemed to be from someone in her 10’s to her mid-20’s; he did not wish to show something so embarrassing to a real woman that young. Even though he was getting old, for a man, it was just deplorable.

>“Master, I’m a secretary, not a maid.” She said as she contradictorily pulled out of her bag a white frilly apron, willingly proceeding to tidy everything up.

>The first day was over just like that.

>On the second day, the two of them sat in the study and started their work. Oscar lay on his bed while Violet sat on a chair and used the typewriter on the desk.

>“She… said:” as Oscar dictated, a blind touch silently wrote down each letter with terrifying speed. He observed, thoroughly surprised. “Pretty… fast, huh.”

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Come on, its like you are new. You know they will get interrupted.
If this goes somewhere, it means it's ending.
Incoming amnesia

What was the point of this character?
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being cute and comfy
She's the first person to soften Tohru's rough personality, and gave Tohru the idea of being a maid.
maid recruitment propaganda

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Reminder that Otter can and do total Crocodile.

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gentoo penguin.png
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Gen best PPP!
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i hate the internet.jpg
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>looking for a certain image on google
>find this
this is not okay. This is not sugoi and I had 0 tanoshii.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Be careful when eating fish.
Wow, I really like this image, great job OP
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Is it okay to punch a 7 years old kid till he passes out?
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Yeah, kids are okay with passing out
Literally Vegetas nicest moment

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