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Most gropable characters
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Remember when /a/nons would go Full Autism just because a file name had 'tumblr' in it?

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Did I just watch a very lewd anime, or was this hentai?
I havent come to a conclusion yet.
Also, Monster Musume thread.
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At first I couldn't choose but after a re-watch I think I found she wins a best girl for me.
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chapter 51 came out, i like the vampire
There's no sex.

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This is my virginal wife.
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She still had a tip inside her.

bitch is looser than gum flaps
The show that changed /a/'s culture forever.

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>projected weekend opening: 90 million yen
Why can't Japan appreciate art? Yuasa and his studio, Science Saru, is the most artistic force working in anime today. Not only that but they have connections to top class animators, voice actors, distribution by Toho, the international animation scene including Cartoon Network, Netflix, film festivals, industry veterans. Why do the masses fail to recognize the future of the medium?
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I deeply ingrained belief held by the general public that animation is for children. This is even more true in the West (though simplistic looking adult shows with crude violence and sexual humour are exceptions).
Yuasa is a god. Cat Soup, Ping Pong, Kemonozume, Tatami Galaxy, Kick Heart, everything he does is god tier. Satoshi Kon has passed but Yuasa keeps the media alive.
Im so late, whats this? A new Tatami movie?

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I liked season 1 more.
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It's okay to be wrong sometimes.
No wonder. S2 didn't have much Megumin.
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That's fine, but you're wrong.

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Why was the thread deleted? It was anime.
Anyway, how does /a/ feel about the original Pokemon anime being retconned?
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It's not a retcon, it's an alternate retelling or an alternate timeline, kind of like Pokemon Origins or Pokemon Generations.
And not one fuck was given.
>retconning those watercolor backgrounds

Those motherfuckers

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Most of them works portray gay people, particulary male homosexuals in a very negative light?

Does it had to do with them isolation?
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The birth rates are low as it is, pro gay propaganda in anime would just fuck them.
No, fujos just love suffering.
their television isn't 100% controlled by jews

This new OP is so much better.
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I still wondering why they changed the airing from Tuesdays to Fridays.
About to ask the same, was wondering when will the new episode/season get released
Maybe they couldn't get the same time slot.

What if America invent anime instead chinese?
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the girls wouldn't be cute...
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this would be considered an ok art style
eat your hamburger,s apollo

Holy shit, this is AOTS so far and it's not even close. I'm not even a buyfag, but this was great.

There's probably not a lot to discuss until the next episode, but hopefully this gets picked up by more people since I didn't see many threads in the archive.
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Is it thst good?
Nah. People are overreacting. MC is annoying and whole thing looks like toy commercial.
It's not very good at all. It's a toy commercial that smacks of toy commercial harder than many other obvious entries, the CG is shit, the plot as it's been laid out thus far provides little actual motivation for the MC to give a shit and all of the characters can be summed up in one or two archetypes. The plot at least can be fixed but things don't look good.

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Was magic a mistake?
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More like
>be 9 year old boy
>stupidly try to summon a demon without any prior experience
>in a case of sheer blind luck, a benevolent dragon god with giant tits come to you instead
>don't let her molest you out of gratitude

Lucoa was in the right.
Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Can Boys Be Raped Hahahaha Nigga Just Close Your Eyes And Lie Back Like Nigga You Gettin Laid Haha
This could apply to girls as well you know

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A bit of a twist on the traditional "describe an anime series". Still, don't state the series. Character(s) can be the MC or a background character and if you post more than one, can be from different series. I'll start.

Character 1: LARPs as his dead twin brother.
Character 2: Was eaten alive by dogs.
Character 3: Is turned into Hatsune Miku at one point.
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1. She keeps bugging her onii-chan that she needs to pee.
2. She flashes her panties to the MC, becomes friends with an idol as wellas her clone, them she dies.
3. Her career is dead.
All three are different characters.
1.useless half robot trash ruins every scene he is in
Eats potato chips.

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Where were you when we entered the MAPPA era?
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Are every other studios even trying?
They are better than Kyoani

So what does this mean again /a/?
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Footfags need to die.
Rem a shit

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