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Fuck you guys. This was great!
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I haven't seen season two, but yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out much better considering that the two routes were almost entirely linear and relatively short.
Demmm, this anime is amazing
Is that a fucking Lunarian?

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New anime this Fall.
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I know this is supposed to be a crossover between both WIXOSS series, give us some fucking kowaii Ruuko already.
Hopefully this time without male selectors.
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If you save a loli, you must post another loli
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>save a loli,
Do I look like some sort of hero?
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>gay shit
>moe magic shit
>cg shit
what a shitty season.
all i wanted was youjo and fat dragons.
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>Moe magic.
/a/ finds a way to create another stupid word.
I suggest you go back to your homeboard.
Shut up.
You shut up too.

Why is nobody subbing hentai movies anymore?
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Because modern hentai anime are shit (with a few exceptions). All the best hentai were made in the 80s to early 00s.
They do
Because they do but are masturmating to it hard

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Why is Vash the Stampede such a great character?
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It's the shades.
cool nickname wasted on a retarded pacifist
He's not, he's a gimmick.

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It's caturday! Let us appreciate catgirls.
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Holy fuck did I go back in time?
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If only
2 posts. No felix. I'm proud /a

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About to start watching Neon Genesis Evangelion for the first time ever.

What should I expect, /a/?
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Basic character psychology, fake symbolism with lots of tryhard shit.

The soundtrack is good at least.
Mecha bullshit mostly. Gets pretty brutal in parts.

Also you get to see all the bits that were stolen by every anime that came after it.
And not as good as FLCL by the way.

Find a flaw.
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Uchiha fucking shit
His wife.

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So realistically. Now that the cat is out of the bag. How did he attain his powers at such a young age? Why did he pose as a child and why does the blacker mama of the two seem to be aware of this titbit the whiter mama didn't?
Based motherfucking Phil
Fine I'll bite. What is this, and give me a synopsis.

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I can't think of anyone apart from reifags who would like this emotionless bitch
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She's cute. Rei is creepy.

Don't know why you would make that comparison unless those were the only two anime you've seen.
Deadpan isn't emotionless
nothing is creepier than a child who speaks only in monotone. Kanna isn't cute, her animation style is cute

What does /a/ think of Speed Grapher?
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I liked it more than I should have.
How much snu snu it take to satisfy her?

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Post saddest scenes in anime.
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That moment when you realize you are alone and don't know what to do anymore.
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Me on the left.

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I cannot wait for the new arc, prison school will finally be great again. Also its god that someone other than kiyoshi is getting love for once.
Because he's the one who's ready to take a hit for his bros and puts them before himself (most of the time). Someone who readily accepts that sacrifices must be made and he commits to his decisions.
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Gakuto Quote.jpg
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Truly a male of honor an faith

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Just finished watching the anime series.

I really like this series /a/. I'm too impatient for season 2 to come out, so I'm gonna pick up the LN.

While I have downloaded the fan translations... I'm thinking it might be worth it to purchase the official english LN releases instead.

Also Clementine a shit for anything other than rough sex
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>downloaded the fan translations
>purchase the official english LN
>this post

Mods just delete this one now please
>not wanting to support the creator
>not wanting to read a higher quality english translation
>not wanting a physical copy

Are you even a respectable adult with money?
I found it hard to keep reading on some parts of the LN because it seemed to dwell on certain points for a long time.

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