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Explain how this is any different from the sea of vapid moeshit.
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People still remember it 6 years after it finished airing, unlike most moeshit.
pick one.

Does anyone remember haganai? And does anyone remember the fucking cliffhanger it left on season 2 only to never have a season 3 so we were just left on that cliffhanger? This honestly was my favorite comedy anime for some reason. Sena was best girl......
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Stopped being good shortly before or after Yozora cut her hair.
Overall Yozora was the only actual character.
Shaft needed to cut it short because they wanted to do Hanamonogatari. They didn't manage to do Hanamogatari in time so the slots went unfilled and Hanaganai stayed 10 episodes.

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Why this fine gentleman never had his own series?

It would have been much better than the shitty teenage drama of SD.
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Probably because almost no one knows the games he appears in.

And because one of his girls apparently chopped his dick,that would be an strange ending.
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I still want to know if Rideru actually did that,everyone says that it's true,but no one has confirmed it.
Kill yourself

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W-what you will do with this toothbrush, anon?
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Put it in your urethra.

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What does /a/ think of Mardock Scramble?
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Last thread died before I even realised or before I could bump it so I thought that I might as well post another.

Anyhow, has anyone here read the manga or novels?
The art isn't very good.
gay dolphin

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A: the kind who remains cold as she abuse you

B: the kind who visibly getting turned on as she abuse you

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They're all shit, just like OP
Why do people keep making the same shit threads over and over? Do you have anything else to discuss? That thread was literally just fetish blogging garbage nonsense.

I want to impregnate this child.
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h-ha ha
>I like dicks all girls my age like dicks
>I'm an otaku because I like one piece
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Who wouldn't?

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I miss gay fishing. Those were nice threads.
>2 cute girls sit close to each other
>no one gives a shit
>2 cute boys sit close to each other
>considered gay and shamed

I hate our society
what are you some sort of faggot?

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When are we gonna get a Star Wars anime?
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Never, Lucas is a fucking hack and everybody knows it
I'm surprised there isn't one already.
there was a manga made i think

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You's birthday thread
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But mine isn't for five months.

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So the new psychic boy isn't anywhere as nice as Hina.

I'll let that sink in.
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I never beat Bloodborne.
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>Pshh... nothin personel

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What explained Haruhi's enormous popularity?
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Don't remember
It was good. Still is, but the author killed their own series by being lazy and KyoAni killed their separate hype by trolling their own fans.
Certainly not her ass.

What the actual fuck is wrong with Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama? Why are they treating one of the greatest and most influential franchises, Dragon Ball, like it is some average shitty rebooted Scooby Doo cartoon? Let's see the problems...

-24 Episodes recap of the latest 2 movies, while adding more inconsistencies and plot holes
-U6 vs U7 saga, full of underwhelming battles, only highlight being Kaioken,
-Zamasu saga is convoluted, constant back and forth between power superiority between the villains and Goku and Vegeta. Fucking Toyotaro convinced Toriyama to straight up copy the Xicor arc from DBAF. Similarities between them are fucking ridiculous. Plot holes, rushed fan-service Vegito with bs time limit.
Mary Sue Trunks, and the arc has a weird and dark end. Whole arc was for nothing, the universe got fucking erased.
-God hierarchy and the different Gods look fan made and Tournaments of Power between universes are a bad excuse to not develop the universes, all the gods and all of the strongest fighters in all of the multiverse are in front of you, feels like it's the end, bros. Where can you go from here?
-Lack of evil and tension in DBSuper and constant tournaments makes the show feel like WWE.
-Beerus, an even bigger genocidal maniac than Freeza and Vegeta, that constantly threatens Earth with destruction, is being dick sucked by all of the cast of Dragon Ball. Nice.
-Manga by Tracertaro is rushed in the beginning, Zamasu arc has its own bad problems, differences between this and the anime makes the word CANON fucking have no meaning and divides the fan base. At least the manga tries to clean up some shit that the anime is doing.
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-Animation and art is seriously sub par compared even to DBZ that aired in the fucking '80s. It's been 25 years, animation should be atleast OPM level ffs. Almost all episodes have plenty of moments where they look like they are animated and drawn by 12 year olds. Art of the manga is the only thing better than the anime/
-Fights lack the intensity and the choreography of the original Dragon Ball and DBZ. Punches and kicks, ki blasts, and special attacks lack consistency and weight. Special effects look like they are made in Flash.
-Recolored Super Saiyan forms, feels like Mortal Kombat Trilogy if you know what I mean. Even Super Apeman 4 is better than this shit.
-Goku is now retarded, he lacks logic, moral sense and awareness. He puts all of the universes including his own at risk of total annihilation without even feeling even a bit of remorse. DBSuper negates all of his character development that he earned through his life.
-Gohan is a literal cuck, he doesn't realize the type of shit his universe is in. He refuses to help save his planet because he has to go to work. He doesn't realize that even with his untrained body he can annihilate any human on Earth and by just becoming a well-known martial artist like Mr. Satan he can make easily hundreds of millions of zenni without even trying, much more than doing economics or whatever.
-Huge powers scaling issues, Goku becomes insanely strong but fucking Krillin and Android 17 can keep up with SSB which is Above Universal now. Freeza becomes god-level by just training a few months. Trunks in the Zamasu arc gets bullshit power ups. Goku Black, who is a freshly revived Dr. Gero arc Goku, keeps up with present SS1 Goku, and becomes much stronger than SSB over night. Goku gets hurt by a laser and by a gunshot.
-DBSuper's soundtrack is unmemorable and uninspired imo.
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In conclusion, I am very disappointed with the state of DBSuper, it feels like a cash grab for toys than an actual evolution to a series. It should be better than DBZ, not have it's issues and then some.

What do you guys think?

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Kinda new here. What's /a/'s stance on english dubs? Do you ever watch the dubed version if it's good? If the dub is decent, what's the deciding factor for whether you watch it subed or dubbed? Or are english dubs just for normie casuals?
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Sub is better. End of story.
If you had lurked for even half a fucking second you would know the answer to that question.
Always subs.

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Would you?
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sure but i wouldn't stop at her feet
my tongue would be up her angelic bumhole by the time she finishes the sentence

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