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What are you looking forward to the most when the second season comes out?
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Da animashun
King beating saitama's ass.

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No fucking shit. It's a single story in which the climax happens to be fucking great so it's fucking obvious that the last part would be the best. What's your point?
Someone explain to me the reason for making 3 movies instead of one
It makes it easier for the studio, working on a single hour of animation at a time is easier that working on 3. They also keep getting money when each part is released, making it also easier to fund the project.

gochiusa > k-on?
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My wife Chino is so cute.
What's makes you doubt?
Kiniro Mosaic > Gochiusa > Shit > K-On

Post about all your favorite "transported to another world" anime here.

Isekai of the week:
Isekai no seikishi monogatari aka 50 waifus and no conflict.
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Fuck you
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Fresh Isekai
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>Find an isekai with an interesting concept
>Read the first chapter
>It has RPG mechanics

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Did you get yours yet?
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I don't have any friends.
All my friendships expired when high school ended.

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Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Messiah is alive.

Happy Easter /a/
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whats this from?
Saint Young Men
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When I was a kid, people liked anime for the martial arts and the mecha and violence. How did we go from that to one-dimensional, color-coded, empty archetypal avatars for the bizarre fantasies of sexually frustrated boys? How did we go from cutting-edge action to escapist fantasies in a high school setting? Anime is ruined.
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I'll bite

There has been anime for sexually frustrated boys for a lot longer than you think.
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I remember when anime was adults/scifi action, now it's cartoons for little girls and fruits.

Pic related the last newish anime that doesn't apologize for being old school and gritty with blue humour.
The 80's and especially 90's were a time of "coolness". Things/characters in art got progressively tougher, cooler, or grittier. Once the 00's (especially late 00's with things like Azumanga Daioh and Lucky Star), people realized that not EVERYTHING had to be serious. So we're currently in the reactionary period, where we contrast the coolness of 80's/90's anime in favor of total goofiness.
Plus otaku market in Japan sells well and eats up this shit

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>the main protagonist is under 21
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When I was in highschool I used to be fine with them being 17 but throughout time I wished them to be older. I guess I kinda want them to be closer to my age.
every anime ever

you are watching the wrong thing
>who are spike spiegel, guts, and goku

It's out:
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Jesus Christ

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Happy Easter /a/nons,

Let's celebrate by posting some manga/anime Jesus'

I'll start
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What's this from?
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God bless all you anons today.
What's the most Christian manga/anime?

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That was fast, guess we get timeskip because agni need to regen back from his icy death.
So where is it going? Neneto replacing Togata?
Timeskip with universe reset where Agni watches actual new SW movie?
It was-all-a-dream ending?
I mean, there aren't that many characters alive.
And yet another plot twist, the absolute madman. I liked batman, that's a shame.

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>the greatest swordsman in the series
>it's a girl
Every LN ever
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We prefer sweaty girls
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>Best character in GabDrop
>It's Satania
Every episode ever
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>it's the greatest sword in the world
>it's a gun

Have you filed your weekly police report, /a/?
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Motherfucker I got patient reports to write.
So if the Major's body is super heavy, how does she not crush her partner when she's /u/ing it up
her partner probably has to be a full-body cyborg as well

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Is anyone else watching this?
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I figured /a/ would be into this sibling stuff.
Is episode 2 even subbed yet?

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>Dai Jabu
No it's not, Kiriha is rags

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