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What a fag. Why didn't he resist?
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What did he mean by this
It's okay if two cute boys kiss but not full grown men, okay?
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Literally in google images fuckwad.

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Worst girl
Emiya family.

Pic related.

No Sakura.

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Do you like Saber?
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I enjoy all Seibas past and present
Not really.

When they give me Rider, Saber, Archer and proper Berserker Cu then I might start caring about clones.
>The implication that Prototype!Merlin probably is a seibaface from Arthur's NP

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A JC throwing a tantrum is the sexiest scene a anime can have.
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>her pillow is changing expressions
The pillow is alive anons.
She's probably wafting the smell of her pussy around the room
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Shit, man, youimaginethe stank on that cunt?

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>not dancing while you wash your pantsu
What are you? Someone who hates life?
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I mean, I live with a roommate so that would be kinda weird

Rent is expensive yo

Cute ED however
i've been swinging side to side together with her when that ed played if that counts.
>dancing to j-ska

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Why doesn't this board read more manga?
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Aren't you rushing things? People here don't even watch the anime they talk about
full of teens that hate reading.
Just look at all that shounenshit on the first page
I like to think we actually do. We simply don't discuss it.

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>thought it was another shitty SoL harem
>is actually fun as fuck
Anime when? Also, pic related is my new favorite gag.
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No thanks, I have to deal with seeing this too much as is
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>He wasn't here when [I can't hear the fireworks, Part 2]
Sad to be you.
It's not ending any time soon, is it? So don't feel sorry for me. I'll be around.

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Do you like cute girls anime, /a/?
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> Hey, hey, every pony! I am DIgibrony! And i do series on Youtube where i thoroughly analyze My Little Pony!
What did he mean by this?
It's the author of this list.

Why haven't you watched the original Gundam show, /a/?
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I watched it and the best fight was outisde of the mechs.
mecha is shit.
>mecha is shit
More like Gundam is shit. Appreciate the difference.


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I like the berserk armor. It's a way to keep guts viable in the increasingly ramping up demon power structure going on.

The problem is more that enemies were getting stronger and tougher.
Guts getting asspulled

So throughout the years I've tried to watch pic related twice because I liked Higurashi and thought it had great atmosphere, but I've never been able to finish Umineko.

I initially thought it would be some clever phoenix wright-like stuff with Battler trying to solve the mystery by debunking the witch, but then it started going all over the place and the workers at the house are something-something and the little girl with her talking plush toy.

I give up.

Can someone just tell me what the fuck this was supposed to be, because I dropped the story thread hard. Higurashi atleast started off with a mystery and then introduced the stakes and goals, while Umineko appears to set up the goal early but then just spazzes out.
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Posting best Seacat.
Umineko has a fucktarded plot that retards think is good because of its asinine convolution. It also has shit characters.
Magic exists.

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We're here,anon-kun. Now, what?
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Get naked and let's fuck!
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Shouldn't we take a bath first?
It's better with some sweat.

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When will the "cute girls doing cute things" trend be replaced by "sexy women doing sexy" things?
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They've coexisted for a long time.
I'm not sure most animators know how to draw adults anymore.
Cute is sexy

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Yuno is #1 yandere, but who is second best?
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>let's all debate which turd is the best
>he doesn't like girls devoted enough to disregard everything else just for you

I weep for your horrible taste
What's a good list of yandere animes?

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This is the sexiest middle schooler.
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We need more proof
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Incontrovertible proof.
She's not even not the worst Yuru.

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