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pink hair girl is cute but tank top waifu is a goddess
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Okay, you can have her, and I'll have Shiori.
I'll take the grumpy waitress then.
I want to be her slave.

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And with this, we've finished v03.
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Girls and Panzer is my favorite anime of all time
go ahead and call me a faggot i don't care
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I thought it was cool too anon. but never forget that OP is also a faggot
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Right there with you. Love the show, an everything about it.

Also, Yukari a cute.

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Spot the protagonist
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The one one the left, he will become an edgelord after brownie dies, but then he'll reuinte with the nigga twins to defeat the evil humans
middle right
>record scratch
>freeze frame
>"yea that's me, this is the proudest moment of my life, the day me, my twin brother and our two high school buddies all graduated from police academy"
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Second one obviously.

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It's a shame Todoroki decided to become a hero. He'd have made an excellent fresh ice cream seller.
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Momo could've done literally anything with her life. Imagine if she went into the sciences instead of Heroism; cancer drugs would be cheap as hell, because she could synthesize them without any of the equipment.
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Waiting for Vizanon.

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Mean like you eat it
Did she order a Double Western at least?
I wonder how much they made off of this product placement.

it's time /a/ come out of the woodworks because it's time to sing together as one.

Lyrics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pz6Ajp6hlZ8

Karaoke ver: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyuXtrf-Eyw


if you want this to be real either post your recording or just Bump.
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send to [email protected]
These are always super cringey and tend to attract normalfags from Youtube.
Why do you keep doing them?

chu chu yeah! Please me!
chu chu yeah! without you

aa, nante koto da sasai na ayamachi da
jibun no koto ni tararattaratta te yaku
doushite totsuzen? nigekitatte ii deshou?
dakedo nandaka kimagure moodo ni nari
sonna kibun ni nacchatte

hajimari wa sonna fuu de
tsumari wa rashikunai you de
demo ima ja tobira akete hora
koe ga kikoeru yo saa! yukou!

doko e demo

boku wa kimi no tsubasa ni nareru yuuki ga aru yo!
(please stay with me)
donna shiren mo kowakunai sono mahou ga aru kara
(nantetatte konguracchureeshon)
hajimete deau sekai ni hanataba o okurou
(made in society)
tada kono shunkan musubareru yo
chiguhagu na komyunikeeshon?
demo betsu ni kamawanai
ashita kara heiwa nara!

chu chu yeah! without you!

because i think they're fun and funny

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Post your OTP /a/
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I don't get it. After season 1, why do they want the viewer to sympathize with demons? Azazel was the worst in S1, too.
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Yeah fuck demons ! All hail our glorious new king Charioce "the handsome" XVII !
Is it telling that the king in the last season was Charioce XIII and his successor 10 years later is Charioce XVII. He must have killed at least two maybe even four generations of siblings to get himself on the throne in his early 20s.
King is deeply in the wrong in regards his treatment of angels. But demons need to be eradicated.

Best JC this season
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You mean middle-school girl. This is an English image board.
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That's not Sagiri.
>ywn outwit each other with lewd banter
>ywn press her down against the couch and do that lewd joke once more
>she will never get instantly flustered as she tells you she doesn't mind you two doing it while stuttering
>ywn proceed down her cute JC body afterwards and bring home the bacon

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Why the fuck Michiru is so best girl? I can't handle it.
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I love myself a Mitcher. The only rotten fruit is an apple.
Because she's the most realistic and also the funniest
Because when life gives you lemon, treasure it.

Lawrence is such a lucky man, to have a wife like Holo . What do you think their marriage life is like ?
Speaking of the series, i know it is a good series,but how will you make the series even better,with more accurate history background and elements if giving the chance ?
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Read the guide

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I see, so I would be safe since the parcel box should fit the figures and nendos I'll be buying. I guess I'll just gamble and hope that the mailman isn't an asshole.

And to the other Anon who said to look in the guide: the info isn't there.
>living in Japan for the next 3 years

What should I take advantage of? I'm not buyfag in general but feel like this opportunity going to waste if I don't start something.
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Who is getting this semen demon?

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Never forget Cocoa.
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Literally who
So..will Goku and Vegeta fuse in the manga too?
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> 17 started off as some retooled human created by an old man and was somehow FAR stronger than the alien emperor of the universe
> and far stronger than Super Saiyans, which the old man didn't even know existed
> Piccolo, who got one-shotted by Nappa, fused with Nail who got one-shotted by 1% First Form Freeza
> Somehow able to compete against Second Form Freeza
> Goku's ridiculously stupid zenkai in Namek

Why do people pretend asspulls in DB is a new thing again?

I'll start

>only power for most of the series is getting others to do the work for her
>is still considered strong by her peers despite lack of skill other than calling for help
>ends up naked along with every other girl every other chapter for no reason other than fanservice

I hate these tropes in anything but they're most blatant in this character
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Still better than Nami
>ends up naked along with every other girl every other chapter for no reason other than fanservice
That's sufficient reason.
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>Hot girl acts slutty around the MC
>MC spergs out like a faggot and acts like he's allergic to it

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