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>mfw i will never see hunter exam arc for the first time again
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>mfw someone posts 2011 screenshots
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1999 version is objectively superior in almost every way.

Yowamushi thread.
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Was the mystery of this guy's hair solved? Does he have really short bangs or is his hair pulled under the headband?
this fucker was even creepier with his muscle fetish than in the manga

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Every day until you submit
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Jokes on her, that's my fetish.
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I already said I'd do it, jeez, just not here in front of everyone.

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Lesbians in Love.jpg
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They deserved better
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Hopefully the next OP has a JJL pic
> new chapter is probably going to make Kaato out as the villain because she didn't kill herself for the family and instead used someone else so her kids wouldn't have to grow up without a mom
Cardmom did nothing wrong
The SBR Zippity-Doo-Da gets me in the feels

This one isn't terrible but it did make me curious if there are more truly awful ones out there.
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I doubt theres anything that could beat this though


deffinetly you are not aware of Code Geass's Pizza hut
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Would Re:Zero be better with genderswapped characters?
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I want to _____ the butlers.
>implying Re Zero could be good
Clown pussy.

Just reflect on that for a minute

Okay yeah so Kirito was able to get so strong in SAO because he was a beta tester and whatnot, but there's no reason he should be as strong as he is in ALO too.
Sure, some of his skills transferred and some stuff like that. He shouldn't be able to fight so well against Eugine while flying, which he only learned how to do recently.
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SAO is bad
I'm pretty sure his childhood training in kendo was supposed to play a part in his skill too, but that doesn't disprove your argument. If anything it raises the question of why his sister who still practises kendo isn't better than him.
The only good answer I can think of is that SAO made him fight with his life on the line so it pushed him to his limits. Even hardcore gamers in ALO don't have that kind of experience behind them.
yeah but he also had the POWER OF LOVE

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don't call her Ahagon.jpg
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best girl
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Edit with real gun when?
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smug nene v6125.jpg
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Pic related.

>"muh hxh is a seinen and not a shounen"
>think they're superior even if hunter x hunter only has one good arc and the rest is shonenshit
>1999 fags are mostly hipsters
>2011 fags are mostly newbies who think Madhouse is still good
>manga fags are retards who think it's not the same thing as either adaptation
>all have a sense of superiority

Everything about them is cancer.
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you must have an iq of 200 or above to enjoy hunter x hunter
Nice bait, pal
Any battle shounen series, really.
Bleachfags who just won't let it go despite bitching about it non-stop for the last seven years
Dragonball, which is full of underageb&, ESLs and people who are clearly from elsewhere (most likely shounenshit anime forums)

Special mention to Rumiko Takahashi fags, who ran Urusei Yatsura with their cancerous threads and posting it in every unrelated thread and are now doing the same with Ranma and shitty ass Inuyasha.

This is Homura.
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And this is Mami.c
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This is Homura and Mami
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This is Mami
You already know

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We could be here all day
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best girl in series.jpg
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You can't just start a thread and leave.
It's not even shitty.
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>you're sitting there browsing 4chan
>suddenly, Touka asks you this

What do?
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tell her the truth
I used to admit it but now that I'm going on 30 I'd probably lie as to not have the cops called on me
Ask her the same.

Get obvious answer.

Make a suggestion.


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Diana is a dork, DORK !!
Diana is a nerd, NERD !!
Diana is a cute, CUTE !!
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isnt this too much ass
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elf eyes.png
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would you let her give you a year of her service as a sex slave in exchange for your firstborn child?
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Character popularity in 2ch:
Diana > Ursula > Akko > Sucy
2ch is the only place where Sucy isn't Queen.

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what the fuck was the point of this character
also flip flapper thread i guess
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She made my dick hard.
>getting hard to generic loli #2358435709328

are you her age or some shit

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>blue eyes
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She's 1/4th foreigner.
>brown hair
>no squinty eyes

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