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Who are you?!
The idle within yourself
Show your true self!
The one you've kept in the shadows
Derived from the natural struggle
A quivering body torn to ribbons of red
But where is your soul?!
Search all you want for that pain, but you can't get at it
Your heart starts to race
And then it's all over!
We live in Aikatsu and Pripara!
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I want to fuck Yui.
I fucking hate Non. I hate her just about as much as Hibiki. Does she ever become less of an annoying little shit? Why are the rivals in Pripara always so cartoonishly unlikable? The got it right with Dressing Parfait and Aromageddon, but all the rival groups after that are just trash (Hibiki's group, Non's group). I mean I actually like Triangle's music the most, but I hate their personalities. Do the real JSs watching this actually enjoy this crap?

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what do i do?
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Run, fast
don't be a pussy, she looks legit
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prepare your NUTS.jpg
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You can not escape!

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This looks promising, do you think they'll take it further than standard SoL?

Any LN fags?
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I don't think this is supposed to be SoL to begin with
It is SoL though. Just not the happy kind.
At least it's more SoL than battle/action.
really? Watching the episode made me think it might get a little serious near the end.

I do agree with >>156022841 that there is some melancholy here

Really surprised with how great this episode was done, both visually and writing-wise

>made you actually sympathize with the demons

How does MAPPA keep doing it?
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It was pretty damn good. I agree.

Is this a reboot?

All the previous characters show up more as fanservice, and divorced from their associations.
it's a direct sequel taking place 10 years later, there are 2 short stories in between too, you can find them on youtube

Anyone else still reading this? Recent chapters have been decent. Hoping Giovanni doesn't get killed. I like his character design.
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fire panels.png
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It's stylish. His little brother seems interesting.

Needs more Arthur though. He has Soul's coolness and looks, and Black Star's autism which I find a match made in heaven.
I should definitely check it out, I liked SE.
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Fire Brigade.jpg
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Oh I agree 100%. Arthur is one of the best parts of the series. There's also no shortage of waifus. It's not bad so far, but nothing really makes it shine. It's not as good as Soul Eater was in the beginning but I'm enjoying it.

Looks like nips love the old Skyrim meme.
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didnt skyrim do really well in japan?
like it was the first western rpg to get stupid good scores?
Is that the actual line though?
Yes it sold well, and got perfect scores with Famitsu and others. The westaboos were in full force with Skyrim.

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Is Kyoukai no Kanata a well written show?
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No. Fun characters though.
Its entertaining, but nothing special
Yes, up to about 2 minutes before the end.

For an anime, that is.

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What obscure manga do you want to see made into anime?
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National Quiz
i dont know how obscure hoshi no samidare is considered but i would love nothing more than to see a full anime adaptation of it
Ore Ga Ojou-sama Gakkou Ni "Shomin Sample" Toshite Rachirareta Ken

It's a shame the manga is being left in the dust, I thought it was a fun read

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Is Carl's Jr Anime now?
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Found more, I guess this is a thing now.
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I could totally eat a Monster Thickburger right now.
The face is gone.

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Dumping bone marrow chapter of Cells at Work
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Anime cliches you love/hate

>mc isn't afraid to kill people by not being held back by morally ambiguous beliefs
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> the classic fight: MC is nearly defeated, is reminded of something and gains strengt to win
> Antagonist mostly being evil without any reason or with a stupid reason, also thinking, he/she is much stronger than mc when first met
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not really an anime cliche but
>villain is super fucking overpowered and can win as long as doesn't actively try to lose for shits and giggles
>villain loses because he actively try to lose for shits and giggles

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Mandatory military service finishes soon.
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I cant believe there are actual countries that have that. Outside of maybe places like North Korea.
Oy vey, you better not be insulting our greatest ally you anti semite.
I had it
it was fun

>no character development
>mediocre art style and generic character design
>extremely repetitive
>generic villains with shit motivations

>shit art style
>almost no overarching plot
>is never going to end
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Elitists are annoying and insufferable
>>shit art style
You were doing so well, but I guess your opinion's discarded.

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Miuna Monday on Easter.
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Every monday t
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Good afternoon, beautiful sea.

Before /a/ hates Houki
Now /a/ loves Houki
Im so glad for this
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Nope. Houki is still worst girl.
>Houki worst girl
Obviously is laura the worst girl, Faggot

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