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Like, i get it's a metaphor, but of what?
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I have no idea, but the OP and ED of this season is god tier.
food chain?
Truly the most mystifying part of any OP I have ever seen.

Dinosaurs? What?

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megumin at the two towers.jpg
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Can some one explain the jokes I don't get in Konosuba?

>lalatina is a hilarious name
>megumin and megumin related names are "weird"

Just don't get it, are these hilarious/weird names relative to japanese or australian naming conventions?
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I think Australia is racist
Nobody bats an eye at a crusader calling themselves 'Darkness' either. Australians are weird.

All of the crimson demon names sound like utter gibberish if you speak Japanese. It's like if you called your dog "Flarbenwargenblugen".

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Zexal and Arc-V were shit. Now that we have an older protag, will it be as good as 5D's was?
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I'm satisfied that it's better than arc-v
arc-v was seemed nice at the beginning too. just you wait
In the defense of YGO, keeping a show somewhat consistent for three whole years is not exactly an easy task.

>/a/ already forgot about Hikari
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Her name is Light, not Hikari.
Am I the only one who liked the dub better?
Anon, you can't use the "D" word on /a/ without everyone collectively running over and lynching you for liking a cartoon in your native language. I didn't like it better, but Hikari's voice was admittedly a very cute. She could pull off moe quite well.

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Hi, what was your favorite code geass moment?.
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Villetta's tits.
Lelouch taking the throne, hands down

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You are waiting at the train station.
This little bitch walks up and slaps your waifu on the ass.

What do you do?
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I have a brain so I'm not at the redditgatari station. I love my station.
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Grab both of them and jump onto the tracks right as an oncoming train comes squealing in.
A real human bean
And a real hero

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What's her secret ambition?
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Probably to adopt a daughter who wasn't such a failure at befriending. Never would've thought that the next generation of Nakajimas would surpass the Takamachis.
About time "I spam shit then complain about people telling me to fuck off"-san showed up.
is this anime still a thing in nipland or did they move on to something else?

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Is this the AOTS of the season?
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why pluto never was animated instead this shit did
>anime of the season of the season
No, stop shilling this shit just because your favorite animator is working on it. Sakugafags are disgusting.
Best animated maybe, because aside from that the first episode was rather mediocre, and after reading all the available manga chapters, i don't see much of a chance of it improving.

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Can we get all 8 fans of this show in here?
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Fan number 2 here. I doubt this thread will live long.
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Very well then, the other 6 will have to come back here from the future to get this:


Key is best girl. Enjoy.
Hello there!

>this wasn't a full on yuri show

What a missed opportunity.
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Yuri is garbage anyway.
cross ange is absolute garbage. making it yuri would not have saved it even though the romance with the boy was extremely bad and full of cliches. maybe it would have turned it from a 2/10 into a 3/10
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>Akiko Shikata got roped into doing music for this garbage

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i read way more manga than i watch anime, was wondering what people thought
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I also care a lot about what people on an anonymous imageboard think of me, OP.
90% of anime are just advertisements for the manga they're adapted from
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Anime is more pleb because it's all about "muh animation" while manga uses next-level narrative styles.

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...this guy came up to you on the train and DORO MONSTA CARDO?
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Wreck him with spacejews.deck
File: yugi boi.png (344KB, 640x480px)Image search: [Google]
yugi boi.png
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There's no way that's a real card

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What is this object /a/?
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A save icon coaster.
A moon princess.
Looks like a cassette tape to me.

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Is Kumiko a well-written character?
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A well written lesbian character.
In comparison to you, Tinkie-Winkie is a well-written character.
My wife is not lesbian

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Does Revy like vanilla?
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Only with men.
balalaika is the thinking man choince
No shit she's not a dyke

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