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So, Asmodeus or Lucifer?
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Mamiko Noto should have got the role instead of the other shilled seiyuu
new chapter when
When you deserve one.

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Was her segment the cat's meow? How often did you paws it?

And is the ED the cutest of the season?
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Much better than the Kaede bit. I just don't sea what was so funny about it.
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Ironically-bad jokes.
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What will anime in 2027 be like? What will be the trends? What will the animation style look like? Etc.
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More cg.
>implying Japan will keep making anime after the start of WW3
I don't think they want to get bombed again that badly
and assuming that doesn't happen
It will be shit
Like it always was and will be
Full cgi

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Anon, why do you like moeshit? I don't understand!
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Hatoko a best.

Tomoyo a shit.
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I need something to take my mind off of my shitty job and overall lack of direction, and moe anime helps me do just that.

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What was her fucking problem?
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She needed a good dicking
She wanted to find out who killed her dad
Some crazy bitch killed her dad, her sister wanted to fight her, and her mom is completely batshit insane. What isn't wrong with her?

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Because, fuck it, why not?

Are you guys excited for the new season?
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>Are you guys excited for the new season?
oh. I had forgotten about that, I really hope it doesn't flop. It probably will anyway.
Recreating a style from nearly 20 years ago probably won't end well.

I'm still hopeful but something in the back of my mind says I'm being naive.
I think it's a terrible idea. I mean, why? The end wasn't conclusive enough? But besides that, in the bottom of my hearth i'm still hyped, i hope they get enough budget and enough time to do it properly.

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nobody is subbing hentai anime anymore
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Name 3 recent good hentai anime that isnt subbed
It seems more like hentai is the only thing getting subbed by subgroups
it's all complete trash nowadays
no exceptions

On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you for Umar2?
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I'm 10/10 sexually excited for Umaru.
What a weak term, 2maru rolls off the tongue easier

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>Everybody finds love in the end.
Is this true?
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It's effectively true. There is nobody to say otherwise because they all killed themselves.
No idea about the rebuilds, but in EoE they have the CHANCE to find love. If your willing to also be hurt and change.
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Asuka doesn't, so I guess its not true.

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what the fuck is his problem?
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He's gay.
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The better question is why is she so perfect

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do you listen to music when reading manga? do you listen to different genres depending on what you're reading?
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if possible, i listen to the anime adaptations ost
I read music while listening to manga.
Ever since I started associating Disappearance of Hatsune Miku with FMA, I stopped doing that. It was a wholesomely inappropriate soundtrack, yes, but who knows what shuffle will bring to the table next time, and I'm too lazy to hand-pick music for each specific series.

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Do not ask stupid questions
Who dis cake
Fuck you I could have gone my whole life without being reminded of this image.

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I have faith in bandori.
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What are those round things on her guitar?
Looks like the guitar hero buttons
Maybe she can use it for guitar hero.

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thoughts on the /m/ power chart?
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>watching toy commercials
>going completely off topic
Kyoani fags, everyrone.

I never understood why bender is always so high.
His processor is the universe now.

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What's your favorite art house anime?

What are you looking forward to this year?
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>above average animation makes an anime "arthouse"
Not sure what you mean by "arthouse", but Rakugou is the best anime on that list, followed closely by Mob Psycho, and then a huge gap between the rest

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