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Is it just me or is every punchline about going to the super market just not funny?
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Yeah it is just you
just you
do you get your mom to do the grocery shopping for you?

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ITT: tropes that never get old

>opening theme plays during a heroic moment
>ending theme plays during an emotional moment
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>MC beats villain
>Villain is now a friend
>cute girl gets raped and abused multiple times
except it is getting old because it seems to happen in every show now.

Why do Goddesses have such big tits?
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They carry the hopes and dreams of men
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oppai kamiloli
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How else would you know they're goddesses?

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>Big tits makoto

Is this a meme?
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More like big hips Makoto, hot damn
did you even watched the show?
I want to come deep inside that witch

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Aku no Hana.png
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Post anime too ahead of it's time.

The only AnH's mistake was be made before the moe era ends.
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The only mistake AnH made was exist. Period.
The moe never ends. It is eternal.

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Post anime characters that look like you
Pic related, that's more or less me in the middle
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Me posting right here
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>Started semi-flat
>Her figure has become more defined and curvaceous over her first two years at Magic High and has large breasts.
>Starts with 160cm
>She is now 165

LNfags can confirm this info?

This is important
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I need that tittybook
I wish more series did this
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Me too. Literal character growth is great.

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What was her name again?
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Naruko Anjou
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Left or right?
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Right. Kiyone. Always Kiyone. Not Mihoshi, or Ryoko or whoever. Just Kiyone. Best girl, best cop, deserves a promotion etc.
I would want someone with Mihoshi's body but with Kyone's personality and competence.

Why does no one want to translate her manga /a/?
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Because its actually HER manga
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the best.png
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That's a funny joke, but not the slightest bit believable.

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I have created over 2 yahoo accounts
I'm da bone of ma dikku
Anybody else GAR for archer here?

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is Gantz the greatest manga ever written?

Did granma and the little boy fuck you up too? Jesus christ...
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someone has only see up to the bird alien arcs I see.
if you want a protip, and ask anybody else on this taiwanese picture forum, stop at the italy arc or as soon as you hear of katastrophe. it's better to end at a cliffhanger/mystery than have one of the most rushed and disappointing ending ever.
one of the greatest manga ever with a rushed and unsatisfying ending
There will never be something like Gantz ever

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Where's the Neverland thread? Where in the world is the plantation? Europe? "murica? Japan? Where are the spoilers? Where is Norman? WHERE'S PHIL!?
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Norman is MIA and will only appear as Ray's hallucinations for the next fifty chapters.
Also check the archives for spoilers.
>Ray as sailor mars
It doesn't suit him
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spoilers were already posted, chapter may come out tomorrow from a different translator if we get lucky again.
I didn't spoil myself this week but whats up with these newfags not using the spoiler

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I don't like it
but I love you all
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I prefer rice-omelette.

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Characters who killed millions
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This genocidal maniac
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Can't remember who it was but I think one of the pink haired girls made ammo which led to thousands of deaths used in warfare.

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