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>best girl is a boy
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Yeah, it always happens.
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Why do people pretend to hate Attack on Titan?
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Why do people pretend to like Attack on Titan?

It went to shit when it turned into a mecha.
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I don't hate it, I think it has some really shit writing at certain points but it's pretty interesting.

I'm gonna read all the spoilers soon cause I'm too intrigued by the setup.

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Why can't Trigger TOPPA this?

Why can't anyone?
(Older anime clearly doesn't count)
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Simply because the good parts of TTGL were a ripoff of Getter, while the shit parts were original.
Because Imaishi & co stopped evolving as artists. Now they just have the "Trigger brand" of animation & content. Mass-produced "wackiness".
Panty & Stocking wasn't as good but it was still good and if you notice Imaishi's projects before Trigger were all something he (or anyone else) hadn't done before

It's obvious why Dead Leaves is unique

Gurren Lagann was his first attempt at infusing his ideas into a more mainstream show

Panty & Stocking mixed together western cartoon & anime aesthetics like no other animation before

KLK just felt like a more confused and otaku driven Gurren Lagann that idiots thought was communist/feminist/whatever

Luluco was just "a Trigger comedy"

Sex & Violence was pretty unique but also a one-off short

>6 years old
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Time works differently in anime.

The general rule is that you multiply by 3
>15 years old highschooler looks 45
Adding 10 might be more sensible.
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>14 years old

Fun with the families
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> Drone
Post more
Why doesn't Naruto just have a shadow clone do the paperwork?
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Sasuke and Naruto taking time off to be with their families? It's just not realistic, but this is all SP so it's not even canon once you think about it.

kemono friends is a good show
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no it is not

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What with F/GO and adaptations of the spin-offs, discussion of the original VN seems to have dried up.

I pose a question anons, was the Fate route really as bad as people make it out to be? Having re-read it recently, it feels like people exaggerate the faults like Shirou's density, the small scale of the events and the general relaxed feeling throughout.
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I think it was a great introduction, the problem is that a lot of people get into Fate already knowing what most of the Fate route explains (e.g. Zero secondaries). The scene in the catacombs under the church is for me to this day the highlight of the route.
its vanilla

everyone has their favorite ice cream flavour, and flavors they dislike - but vanilla is neither, its not the best but everyone can stomach it. but you never see someone buying vanilla when other flavors are available
The Day 15 Church encounter in Fate is the most powerful scene in the visual novel. While the concept of these orphans is incredibly over the top, the way it's built up and the metaphors used really help make it believable, like how Shirou seems to journey down into hell, in a church, and not just any hell, is own personal hell. We see the kind of trauma Shirou is hiding in his mind, even from himself, and we get a look at all the hidden broken pieces he's tried to not let show around others. The idea that his own inner sense of responsibility guild and drive is manifested as these voices that can't be there is great, and it's a wonderful case of Shirou conquering himself that he manages to get those voices to stop, voices that have been silently whispering for 10 years. The other, even more powerful half, is Saber's, how she sees this and it touches her heart and soul in a way that can't be described. I love how these two characters were able to reject their demons because of the bond they shared, they needed to counqer their demons themselves, but the other person was needed as a guiding light for it. I also love the way Saber's answer skillfully mixes all three of Shirou's from each FSN route, with her refusing to kill the one she loves for her ideals (HF, there's even an alt scene where she makes the opposite choice as a bad end, mirroring Mind of Steel), then stopping to rethink her life and realizing that even if she failed, she needs to take pride in her effort (UBW), then resolving not to be controlled by her past anymore (Fate). In this way, this scene is for me, the ultimate climax for the VN, as it carries the full message that FSN tries to convey (or at least what I got out of it): Impossible dreams, while impossible, are still worth believing in to see how far you can get, but this pursuit should be placed below something else, something real, because if you sacrifice everything for something that can't come true, you end up with nothing.

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What is your opinion on Erased?
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>>156613451 It can't be erased from my memory
Why is there 2 Kayos in the cover?
Started out pretty good but was really stupid towards the end

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This is the new manga from the author of Nana to Kaoru. What are your opinions after reading the first chapter?
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What the hell is a "simple girl"? Is that an euphemism for being retarded?
Probably will have more NTR bait within 50 chapters.
Does it have femdom?

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Official Granblue Fantasy anime twitter have Djeeta on the awatar.

It like they want us to suffer.

Fuck you Cygames.
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Gran is better.
Grand is generic.
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Why is Io so shit? She ruined the whole episode.

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Is there anyone like Fukuyama from Girls Bravo?

This guy is a side character but he

>has seen all the main girls naked
>groped them all
>has probably gotten more from them than even the MC

Usually side characters never get anything, its all for the MC.

Which is a shame cause its my favorite thing to see but its just so rare.

If you know any anime/manga even light novel where someone other than the MC gets anything from the main female cast let me know.
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>Which is a shame cause its my favorite thing to see but its just so rare.
Go to any local club party, you'll see plenty of this.
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>someone other than the MC gets anything from the main female
This is a good one.
Try the hot new NTR game, thug hero party.

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>lol VR guys

>it's just a screen taped to your face

So exciting.
It uses two seperate screens on both eyes. It's far more natural than any 3d you've seen in a theater.

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If girls don't poop then what are their rectums for?
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Unprotected sex.
You're in for a surprise though if you think Iori doesn't poop. She probably has to wear diapers since she's so loose.
Youre fucking digusting. Having anal with a girl whose forehead is that big? Gross as fuck.
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I have no idea about the anime, why is there hair growing out of her forehead? Are those horns?

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What will Vegeta's reaction be when Goku breaks his limits?
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To be honest, I'm kinda bored of the Goku/Vegeta rivalry at this point. It ended in a pretty good way in the Buu Arc, but now it's just.

>Goku gets more powerful
>Vegeta gets more powerful
>But Goku also has gotten more powerful
>Vegeta gets more powerful
>But Goku also has gotten more powerful
>Vegeta gets more powerful
>But Goku also has gotten more powerful

I mean is there really nothing else to explore with their dynamic?
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Is Future Trunks' timeline doomed AGAIN?

Apparently Zen-chan was planning on erasing the weaker Universes anyway, before Goku suggested a Tournament (which gave the weaker Universes a chance)

With Trunks being the only warrior on his Earth, his U7 is most likely the Universe with the weakest mortal level . Not only that, there probably wouldn't be a Tournament of Power in Trunks' timeline anyway...not like it matters because he'd lose by himself.
> Not counting that Caulifa and "FemBroly" look completely different

There are ACTUALLY people that think the smug, barbaric girl on the top = the shy, timid girl on the bottom

Why does he sound so stupid?
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Who is this cute boy?
Shut up, Siero a cute.
Also it's a she.

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