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If someone comes to you in a dream and asks you to murder them, and you actually do it in real life, is that morally right or morally wrong?
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It is amoral to kill anyone without being paid for it.
If I dreamt you gave me all your possessions but you hadn't done it in real life, would it count? No? Obviously fucking not.
It's ok if you put the blame on russians making you a sleeper cell

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Okay this is getting ridiculous. The author is pushing the "sniper is just your brother's friend" and "sniper is your brother lol" stuff at the EXACT SAME TIME.
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Holy shit I completely forgot this series existed. This was done by the same guy as Kamisama wa Iutoori right?

I remember this manga being even sillier than Kamisama
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You know what's ridiculous? Those fucking black censor bars. Censoring bras, what the fuck is wrong with Mangabox?
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Seriously, who the fuck is in charge of doing this? It's just a fucking panty shot.

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anime vs manga.jpg
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>Anime: cliche, pandering, shallow, immature
>Manga: variety, iconoclastic, deep, mature
Why haven't you taken the manga pill /a/?
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Because I'm still reading series that've been running since I was 15 and and picking up any more would literally kill my understanding of their plots.

>manga and doujin can last as long as they make decent profit/have heart to continue
>which means most manga and LN series go on for some time unless they're oneshot
>anime relies heavily on sale and popularity
>means that a series can die if it's not popular.
>means anime usually is much easier to keep up with as you can drop dead series when you're done with them to get on a new one
>manga is still best.
What series?
Onepiece, Detective Conan, Bleach (but I know it finished last year), Jojo, Gintama..

You can see the exact moment her heart breaks.

F-cup-chan a shit
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Couple chapters behind. Is this shit ending?
Satsuki was obviously endgame, and her ark didn't even start yet
Good. Satsuki is best girl.

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>Can't watch Pioneer DVD's because Ocean dub
>Can't watch Dragon Boxes because Jap music
>Can't watch Ultimate Uncut or Levels Set because incomplete
>Can't watch Orange Bricks or Blurays because oversaturated/cropped
>Can't watch Rock The Dragon because incomplete
>Can't watch Levels Sets because imcomplete
>Can't watch Kai because cut content
>Can't watch Blu-rays because cropped

How is it possible to enjoy this show?
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If Dragon Box has the video you want and the other releases have the audios you want why don't you just- nevermind. Kill yourself.
Color is slightly off.
>How is it possible to enjoy this show?
On Cartoon Network in 2001

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That time has rolled around again and we're doing another monthly thread for the stream.It's my turn again, so I'll be playing some /a/ related jazz, orchestral, chillout and whatever else for the next 6 or 7 hours,

Requests are open all night, so come tune in and enjoy some relaxed tunes with /a/nons
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You can come listen at r-a-d.io, or
plug in https://stream.r-a-d.io/main.mp3 to a media player
first for Hanyuu best DJ
monthl reminder that kilim is a manlet

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What comes first, watching a show first then fapping to doujins?

Or doujins first watch show later?

Which one is the better experience?
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lupus cryin.gif
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fap then watch. in the 90s my first exposure to NGE was the Human Instrumentality Project hentai. I liked Asuka enough that I bought the entire series subbed on VHS.. $30 a pop...

living every mistake now.
i tend to avoid doujinshi of shows i enjoyed to not sully the canon or waifus
although if i happen to run into it beforehand so be it but i have never sought after a show due to the fap material

Would you take this cockroach on a date?
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in a heartbeat
what a cute turk.

Why is this not getting translated?

I am a fucking spoiled faggot that doesn't understand Nipponese nor has the will and time to learn a new language, it is customary to comply to my demands.
Why are my demands not being complied?

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Nothing stronger than the bond between a father/daughter sperg duo
Komi is to cute.
I actually like the cast a lot, even the lesbian is ok when she's not in full bitch mode. More chunny when?
[Adorable vibrating intensifies]

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Please describe this girl.
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Good head on her shoulders.
she will never be the head of a major corporation
School idol constantly abused by producers and cameramen.

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mika ss.png
2MB, 2150x3035px

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Why are so many people on /a/ sissies? Why so many cocksucker?
Why are traps so popular?
Why do they ERP? Or why do they crossdress or act femenine in general?

I'm asking this seriously. Watching anime is directly related with wanting to be a slutty girl?
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I just want to be cute like Hime
shillbot thread
They want to be pretty slut-boys who worship their master's rugged and manly cock, basking in the scent and taste. To be cherished for being so cute and loving, to be caressed and loved, and to cuddle under the covers while watching movies is their ideal life-style and dream.

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>no citation
so how long is this shitposting tirade
Well, we're still getting multiple threads a day about bakabt, that the mods still refuse to do anything about.
So I imagine that this will probably last a while.
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Those Krauts will hang for this

>all anime is only high school trash

Is anyone watching this? The 3d isn't even that bad either, it works for this kind of anime.
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This season is fucking awful anon more news at 11
Well hey now, we have the new Bahamut, so it's not too bad
It's not too bad, definitely wouldn't call it awful. I think it's better than other seasons where it was 80% shitty boy meets brightly colored haired girl LN adaptation

After War is the best Gundam and you can't prove me wrong.
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It's not as good as Victory though
I just did.
yeah you're right

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