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This dude is kinda a dick
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Why, for abandoning his daughter for years then when he finally starts being a part of her life he lets a disgusting child molester that pretends to be innocent (fuko) watch her?
pretty sure he said himself that he is a dick
He become his dad but worse, of course he was a dick.

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Source: https://twitter.com/GEASSPROJECT/status/859331919888007168
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Reminder for cartfags that Miraculous Birthday is confirmed canon
They're just revealing a figurine related to the new work. Nothing crazy.
got me excited, but it;s fucking nothing ;_;

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What is it called when an artist plagiarizes his own work?
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Asset reuse. It's only prohibited in academia, and it's fine there if you cite yourself.

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Manga you want to see get an anime adaption, even if it's too early right now.
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it's called 3.0

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Anyone else here watch the series all the way through? I never meet or have met anyone who has and can bask in the greatness that is the Fist of The North Star. Imo it is the BEST 80's anime.
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The sequel is shit
Sequel as in the newer movies they've been putting out? Which I think suck or do you mean when the series goes onto that island and bat becomes a fighter too? Because the end seasons kinda sucked too
Read the manga long time ago. How was the anime? Might download it just for the sake of keeping it.

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>Not watching anime on VHS
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VHS doesn't look anywhere near as good as that image.
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Thank god I'm not. Though it's sad knowing all cells to every anime out there are scattered and we'll never be able to experience anime at the resolution they were drawn.
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vhs tapes.jpg
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>implying it gets any more justice than this
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Basically the Captain America of Magical Girls.

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Can we have an inappropriate subtitles thread /a/?
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i am hashbrown triggered
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Those subs are perfectly fine within context
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> judging a series' art quality from scanlations

You don't do this, do you /a/?
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aren't boichis girls better drawn than this?
How does that even happen? Did they intentionally smear it?
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Manga magazines are printed on cheap paper using cheap ink, so the scans universally look terrible.

Muddy, with visible pulp artifacts in the blacks and whites, as seen in this image.

But the worst is screentone and whiteout.

So, scanlation groups like Mangastream, basically, they jack up the contrast levels until the whites are white and the blacks are black (with white specks), then they paint over all the black stuff, redraw the white lines digitally, and then grab as much screentone as they can and either run it through a filter or try to digitally replace it with their own screentone patterns.

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Now that JuiCy died, do you think we'll ever get a JC focused magazine again?
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nyaa: DEAD

Why does the Universe hate us?
What happened to JuiCy?
It will cease publication after the current issue.

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Was she autistic?
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The thing i'm 100% sure is that this show made everyone autistic on this board, more than they were already
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What point is there in even coming here now that I can't watch anime anymore?
I would rather give up anime forever than watch CR, even for free.
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Download it straight from the fansubbers website
Doesn't work for anything made more than about 5 years ago. Either there are no seeds, or the fansubber went defunct and stopped renewing their website.
Nobody watched anime before nyaa created torrents

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>guy sees girls naked
>covers his eyes or looks away
Why do men do this in anime or manga? Is this a jap thing or are the protags always gay as fuck?
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Japanese male culture is beta as fuck
They just aren't inconsiderate horndogs like you.
Few cultures would find acceptable to stare in such a situation, autistic fuck.

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Fuck off and kill yourself.
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Is Kirito a well written character?
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Yes No

What? No. Not even remotely. What on earth makes you think that he is? He's been King of the bland MC Gary Sue for a while now.
You're an ignorant sheep if you think this.

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