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Wassup Yo Dawg?
"Are you sure it's yours?"

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How do you feel about elves?
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Best when fat, but always great for rape.
Knife ears are meant for purging.
Kind of boring as far as demi-humans go and stereotypically don't seem all that fun to hang out with.

How can other girls even compete?
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Perfect waifu who can fulfill all your Polynesian papyrus consumption needs.
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They can't.
She's so much better than the white pig

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She's merely pretending to be retarded
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Remember, 200 IQ.

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Which is the proper way to discipline a loli?
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I don't know, I prefer to be disciplined by a loli instead.
I can't begin to imagine how painful that is, Munechika can hit really hard.
Rape her when she does something wrong
Have sex with her when she does something right

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What's your claim to fame, /a/? How do you remember that your taste is superior?

I have two.

>praised madoka after the first episode while /a/ shat on it for fluff
>praised konosuba after the first episode while /a/ called it a cheap failure

I'm so much smarter than you.
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Nice try. But I was actually the one that made those posts.
I've seen 1500 anime TV series.
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>luved Kemono Friends from episode 1

I'm better than u

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I don't know where is her nose but i sure know where my nose is. and its in front of her face for a nose kiss before she goes to sleep
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got it.jpg
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I got it.

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Hair is the ultimate form of human expression. When it comes to a woman's body shape, skin color, height, or any other factor, she has very little control (outside of lean mass and body fat composition). With hair she can style it, grow it, cut it, color it, perm it, wash it, shine it, dread lock it and even hide it. Unlike with clothing, or other canvases for self expression, the hair is a part of her body! This means whatever she modifies is an expression of herself.

Because of hair's diverse and massive pliability she can express many things. The twintail is but one expression of the hair, but it is a massively powerful one. Unlike most hair styles, the twintail frames the entire body yet leaves it completely visible from all angles. From a straight on view the twintail has a very similar feeling to long hair. If however you see a twintail from behind you can see the wearer's entire back! This makes the twintail the most HONEST hair style; It hides nothing but has everything. Even a ponytail often occludes the nape, or the small of the wearer's back, hiding them. Not the twintail! The twintail has everything because it still evokes all the wonderful qualities of long hair. You get the length, the thickness, the bulk, the mesmerizing twirls as the wearer spins, and the texture. We see the BOLDNESS of the twintail in this anime, with amazing shots of the characters back we'd normally be unable to get!

Twintails also say the wearer is NURTURING with her long thick hair she must maintain every single day, stroking it, conditioning it, shampooing it, and taking care of it. Surely any girl who has a twintail knows how to pamper, and knows how to take care of herself and even more importantly takes pride in routine.

Twintails aren't JUST hair. They are HONESTY and BOLDNESS and NURTURING.
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This is why hijabs are the only choice.
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OP knows what he's talking about.

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tuturu only thread
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> "I"sekai
> Most of them aren't good
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Isekai is dead with accel world
I don't understand.
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Learn to Kanji.
Removing DJT was a mistake

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Whenever the OP plays in a scene
Nujabes- Dead Season

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What do you think of 2014 anime?
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It was a pretty fun year.
Same here, anon. I think it was a good, solid year. Tied with 2016 for third best of the 2010s.
>Trainwreck of the year
>the show with only five good episodes

Well then.

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What went wrong?
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No Okada.
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No Okada
Male selector
Nothing, t b h. I like it as much as the original.

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How would you hurt Shinka?
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I would steal her hair clip
Does squeezing her boobies count?
I would keep on loving her

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What the fuck /a/?! I leave for 20 minutes, come back and you've already made Mrs. Ashitaba cry!

Tell me what did you do to her and apologize immediately!
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I am so sorry.
I swear to god, Ooi's works are actually influencing my personal thresholds for how fat a lady should be.

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