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me :(
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Boobs are just a substitute but asses are the real thing...

Something similar was said but I can't remember
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That's from Prison School.

It was from some old hentai series where the girls were ninjas and they'd kill guys with hilarious techniques. I'm sure I can find it before the thread dies.
He's not asking for the source you nigger.

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Where is the author going with this?
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This doesn't like his previous works at all, I hope it goes nowhere and he makes a sequel to Angel Denetsu
Did it get serialised
idk AD had a pretty perfect ending

FFF is out. What did she say here?
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This is my date tonight.
Why is she so beautiful?

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why are moms so cute /a/?
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Because I crave the emotional intimacy that my mother denied me.
do you prefer a GAUDY mom who wears a dress and goes to the salon or a WHOLESOME mom who wears an apron and keeps her hair in a ponytail?

>"Goku is not a her-

>"I will not let you destroy my world!"
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>"my son's mother lives there!"
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In the Japanse version he says "don't enjoy destruction so much" or something. Also didn't Goku say in the last episode that even though he isn't fixated on saving the world he still doesn't like it when people destroy it? Why did people conveniently forgot the last part?

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So is this show worth continuing so far? Have any of you read the manga ?

I have a mild fondness for Astro boy (the 2003 series, Pluto and a bit of the manga) and episode 1 bored me to the point where I dropped it.
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Tezuka is rolling in his ashes.
Is he? It's childish but with a heart, the story just got to get going faster.
I got curious about the series because if it's really a direct prequel to astro boy, it's gonna be a story about betrayal given how Tenma ends up in the original canon. And i actually find it interesting if it goes in that direction. Does the manga suggest that something like that might happen ?
Because if it doesn't then, it'll basically be worthless as a prequel to Astro boy.

Also, The OP is too good for its own good, it promises way more than what the series delivers. And i'm personally the forgiving type when it comes to average animation.

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>Find 2 beautiful slave girls in the woods, and save them from their captors.
>Their master ran away, so they are literally unable to leave the spot they're at on their own will.
>Oh but it's okay, they can just transfer ownership of themselves to their rescuer.

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Only because they are super speshul magicians as well!!!
It's their fetish roleplaying as slaves, I guess
Welcome to jap isekai, enjoy your stay.

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Is it a good trope to make anime main characters virgins?
It helps promote traditional values and gives the target audience something to relate to.
Personally I think it's good but what do you think?
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Here's your contrast to compare. Now how do you feel about it?
All true heroes must be virgins
Is saitama a virgin?

>can't write characters
>can't write dialogues
>can't write plot without inconsistencies
>can't explore themes properly
>never had an original idea in his life
Why did /a/ unironically fall for Urobuchi meme?
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He's really bad at anime scripts.
jesus christ I thought that was Duterte
>>can't write characters
>>can't write dialogues
Yes he can

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What's your favourite anime trainwreck?
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Attack on titan
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WTF is this?

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Does the writing get better in HxH. So far there are a lot of blatant, exposition dumps every time the story needs to explain something.
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I watch Hunter x Hunter for the writing
I watch Kanokon for the plot
I watch Toradora for the thrill
No, it's generic shonen trash. HxH fanboys will bend over backwards to convince you otherwise

Here's how it goes.

>Examination arc

A bunch of throat clearing.

>Zoldyck Mansion

Pretty good

>Heaven's Arena

Pretty good, throat clearing.

>Yorknew City


>Greed Island

I like it well enough.

>Chimera Ant

Half FUCKING AMAZING, one fourth bullshit, one fourth incomplete.

>Election Arc


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ITT: Directors who went downhill as time went on.

Mamoru Hosoda has made nothing of worth since 2005.
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Shinkai hasn't made anything decent since 0.164042 feet per second.
Satoshi Kon literally peaked with Perfect Blue.

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Why is everyone hyped about this?
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Naruto "ended" so its fans had to go somewhere.
because they've read the manga? idk.

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how come we never see that on anime on people who have fainted? is carrying them on your back easier?
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>Carrying someone in this manner has several advantages over other methods of moving another person. The subject's torso is fairly level, which helps prevent further injuries. When the subject's weight is evenly distributed over both shoulders, it is easier to carry them for a longer distance – 50 feet (15 metres) or more.

The fireman's carry is preferred over a single-shoulder carry if someone is seriously hurt or if the person must be carried for a considerable amount of time. A person being carried over one shoulder would experience more jarring as his or her body is dangling more freely over the carrier's shoulder. Also, blood would be unevenly distributed if someone was dangling upside-down over the carrier's shoulder for an extended period of time. This could also be a very uncomfortable position for the carried person if he or she is still conscious.

>The fireman's carry allows a soldier to carry an injured comrade securely using only one hand, leaving their other hand free to carry and fire their weapon if required.

>The fireman's carry, utilizing back and shoulder strength, is engineered as an emergency measure to optimize power, endurance, and mobility. As such, it may be applicable where there is ongoing hazard, the carried person is larger than the rescuer, the rescuer is otherwise unable to move the victim at all, or it is imperative to cross significant distances, quickly. It is by no means appropriate when a stretcher is available and a viable alternative, or when the rescuer has the size and strength to easily carry the subject in a gentler, more compassionate and considerate hold.

But princess carry is more romanchikku and is embedded into anime culture.
I see. thanks
The bigger question is, how do anime characters carry unconscious people on their backs? I tried it with my sister and it's fucking impossible.

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