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Why is it called Dog Days if the best girl is a fox?
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Why's it called Dog Days if the main character's a person.
She'll pose like a dog for me.
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really gets the oxygen going in my central nervous system

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Thread for anime that left you in tears, shock, disbelief, or depression.
I'll start:
Elfen Lied- my lord what to say, I was left in shock, and still am as I just finished the series. Don't get me wrong, it's a great anime, but I just can't wrap my head around what sick bastard made that fucked up feels trip.
Modoka Magicka- Holy fuck, if you haven't watched this series, then I plead you not to. The ending is kinda unsatisfying and there is hardly a way to describe how the entire series is.
Death Note- What the fuck was that ending?!
Gurren Lagann- (SPOILER ALERT!!!) Fucking Nia dying like that, and Kamina too. Great anime, and I completely get all that shit that happened... However, still really fuckin hate that ending.
Can't think of any others, but what do you guys have for these kinds of anime?
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Holy shit.
Raku spends the entire series crushing super hard on onodera, being madly I love with her since 2 year middle school and the at the very end has the balls to give her a basic robot rejection. Bull, shit my dudes teamonodera all day

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Megumeme is not popular anymore.
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Yes, babymetal is popular now.
>shitty bitch sister wins again

What sound does an imouot's butt make?

You can now use this spell. What is your first course of action?
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Stupid it only bends light. You are still a male.
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Try to trick myself into believing I'm cute.
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I'm going to look EXACTLY like Cocoa

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left or right?
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Claire a best. A BEST.
No change since you last asked.

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Why did you forget Yume's anime?
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I could never forget those ass and thighs and midriff
I think you mean Merry's anime.

I pray every day for a second season but the Lord isn't listening.

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Is Kazuya only using Kyouka to prove that Mayoiga tsugumomo can find new partners with humans and save them from being exterminated?

He said he wanted to revive her and her as the first example of that in Volume 13. And he can't be thinking of fighting Kanaka with her; he beat Kyouka with obi powers before, so clearly Kyouka can't fight against Azami.
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Kazuya will become stronger after 3 years of training and will sure defeat Kanaka with any sort of partner
I want this tournament arc to come out faster. I'm quite hyped for the next two fights.
I wonder if Sunao will job to her opponent. He's been hyped up as the strongest of the Enslaves, and we probably won't see Oriobana lose. Otherwise who would follow her?

But would Kazuya's fight still matter if the score stood 5-3 by the time he fought the High Priest?

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So was it Marik or Malik?
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Pretty sure it was Melchior.
>show's only ethnic arab is a homicidal psychopath
And they said this show was unrealistic.

what the hell did I just watch?
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The place promised in our early days
>2deep4u: the chinese cartoon
Its all relative desu~

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Why are imoutos so thirsty, /a/?
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bump for answers
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Because purest love.
>these proportions

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New chapter in a few minutes.
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Post it.
I want to impregnate vamirio sama
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This is your date for tonight
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don't care
Are you going for a stoic approach?
It's 8am. Does she want to go have some breakfast or something?

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>people tell me it is shit
>this page comes up
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because it started godlike.
Nothing funny about wasting tax dollars
Fullbringer arc is mostly great.

In glorious japan people actually pay for their healthcare.

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This is Reigen. Say something nice to him!
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Something nice to him.
he's good at photoshop
Hey Reigen I like your.... tax evasion.

Is there an anime that has had a profound impact on your emotional state or life?

It has been two years since I concluded Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso and the heartache I felt as the closing credits of the last episode rolled still hasn't faded. It has truly left a profound impact on my mental state and I haven't really seen life through the same lens anymore.

Anyone else feel the same or have an anime that has done this to them?
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>Is there an anime that has had a profound impact on your emotional state or life
school days
Shigatsu was honestly awful, but at least Nagi was cute.
Why did you think it was awful?
I enjoyed it. Not as much as OP did, but it definitely moved me

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