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Help! I'm madly in love with Uchimaki-kun
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Have you tried being less dimensional?
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Get off 4chan Usami. This isn't your blog.
I'm sorry to say Uchimaki-kun looks like a fag

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Is there a better anime than neon genesis Evangelion?
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Why do harem mangas never end?
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There's no way a harem manga can have a good ending anyway, even when it's a harem ending it just feels like a joke. Harems are the kind of story that you ignore the MC and enjoy the girls.
only normalfags complain about harems
>only 50 chapters
what the fuck are you even complaining about

What is the most 6/10 anime you can think of?
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space dandy.
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anything made after 2003

This kind of drawing style gives me a boner in my heart for some reason.

Let's post pics and gifs like this from anime, manga and related media. This is from Yamane Yoshitake, an illustrator of album covers that manages this style even today, will dump some more meanwhile.

Wallpaper material is much appreciated, as long as it's future funk and not vaporwave shit.
And of course, retro manga and anime recommendations.
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was this an underrated masterpiece?
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Onahole best girl.

They could have reduced the loli to a damsel in distress.
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nope, it was shit

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How come Kyoani still haven't topped this?
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Because they haven't adapted Intrigues or Surprise yet
It was all downhill from there. They keep adapting shit LNs they own the rights too. I guess they make more $$$ that way.
How come Herman Melville never wrote anything better than Moby Dick?

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I'll dump
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003 .jpg
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ITT: mistakes
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my life
My life
Wasting 6 years without even getting my degree

...At least I found a job

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Time to see how great/shit y'all taste is.
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We literally JUST had one.
Why did the last one get deleted?
no one ever answers my question on these threads so im just gonna spam it till i get an answer

do we do this by series, ovas or movies?

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So I'm about to watch this show for the first time and I was wondering if I should watch it subbed or dubbed?

Only reason I'm asking is because I've heard it's alright dubbed. Any truth to that?
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The dub is a valid option. Chris Sabat's All Might is on point, Deku is fine, Mineta is annoying, but altogether serviceable.

Just stick with the series in spite of the slow pacing of season 1. It gets better.
If you aren't watching all of your anime dubbed you don't belong on /a/
Chris Sabat uses his Piccolo voice and it's great.

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So I found something


You can select HD on the top right but some weird ass text scrolls over the screen and I can't figure out how to get rid of it.

But its much higher quality than what i've seen so far.
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>some weird ass text scrolls over the screen

how new are you?
what is that stuff
these are comments

>That drawing in the sand

Poor kitty
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Did my internship at Big Cat Rescue sanctuary at North Tampa, FL.

Kinda sad seeing some of the abused animal owned by their mindless wealthy owner. Tigers forced to go on tofu diet? You didn't see anything yet

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You have 15 seconds to say what your favorite anime is and why or your mother will die in her sleep tonight!

Gabriel DropOut, I love cute autistic girls.
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naruto and one piece
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Kyubey temptation.jpg
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I have multiple layers of protection from posts like this so I dont need to do this.

But say anyway what anime is my favorite and its Madoka.
And For why, pic related is enough reason.

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Who is KyoAni's best director?
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john carpenter
M. Night Shyamalan
She always acted like an ice cream

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