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> Girl falls and accidentally grabs guys balls
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>original Nier:Automata cosplay
>Boy shrieks "EEEEEK! BAKA!" and beats the shit out of the girl
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Is the guy pic related?

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Checking in with this month's witchy activity.

It's another setup/buildup chapter with a bit of comedy, but things definitely seem to be coming to a head with all the factions gearing up. I kind of hope sensei gets back up to full "monthly" 30+ page chapters when the floor drops out and the climactic parts hit.
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Again, sorry for the small quality, hopefully our old provider will come around with the fullsize pages.


-.....Looks like you turned out to be an unexpectedly bigger deal than I thought...
-...didn't you now.
-[Mizunagi Ryuu]
-[Witch Craft Works]
-Seems as if you came to do quite the amount of evil deeds in your life.
-......Gotta say, I'd prefer never to fall into the twisted shadow of my former self like you have.
-Hmph. If you're going to go THAT far, aren't you already the same as I?
-...The same...huh? Well, true, can't deny that.
-However, there's a definitive difference between the two of us.


Seems as if Kayou might have been End Witch material herself.
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-And that's that *I* am more powerful then you.
-In this world it's survival of the fittest, law of the jungle. As you're well aware, am I right?
-...I'm going to turn you into a "bargaining chip" for me. .......Well then...
-What? Did you just say you wanted to convert to being a Workshop Witch?
-You, who has lived her life until now doing absolutely whatever, however, and to whoever she pleased? Exactly what bizarre turn of events has befallen you?
-And besides....After all this time, just up and becoming our ally will not be so simple an affair....
-Indeed. Which I why I have a Witch you lot have been pursuing for so many years---
- ---Well, she's calling herself Kagari Kayou these days, but....
-...I have the notorious Nine-Tailed Witch all prepped and ready to turn over to you.
-You managed to capture HER?!


Looks like Kayou was Kazane's ticket/peace offering/proof of pudding to switch over to the 'good guys' side all those years ago.
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-I'm saying that I'll devote myself to the Workshop, and arranged her as my thank you present.
-I do have just one condition.
-[Mizunagi Ryuu]
-[Witch Craft Works]

-[Chapter 61: Takamiya-kun and the Chairwoman's Melancholy]

-...Good Morning.


ITT: good shows that /a/ forgot
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I was not that good. But I'll never forget it.
I'll rape you
>best boy lost
It was garbage.

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When did you realize that the Persona 4 anime was absolute gold?
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I wish Yukiko would hug me like that.
When Persona 4 stole pretty much everything from JoJo part 4

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so THIS is what they mean by healing show
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did nobody on /a/ like this?
Those two will end up together, mark my words.
is this a yotsuba rip-off?

A new light novel based on Ayase's ending in the psp game is coming out. Finally best girl wins.
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Can't this series and author just fuck off already
No sane person likes this garbage
Is this real? Please be real.
holy shit Kirinofags BTFO

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What the fuck is this?
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A very cute cup in a very lewd outfit
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medusa gorgon.png
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So I'm supposed to be believe that Berserk Gorgon is stronger than Berserker Heracles? Or she's just a good matchup against Thor?

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>ending is an open end
>sequel focuses on the side characters
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>ending is an open end
>MC comes back in the sequel as the main antagonist
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t sumi.png
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>series is literally perfect in every way
>no s2

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I dont remember this in Mazinga Z
>Expect a robot piloted by music
>Gets a robot powered by perverted teenagers

It was a good ride.
When is it getting a crossover with Zetsurin-Oh?

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>have sex with everybody in your teenage years
>have sex with everybody in your young adulthood years
>end up with absolute 10/10 husband material -husband

Finally, realistic anime plot.
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She made a lot of men happy.
That´s Karma, anon.
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I love her so much
truly best girl, how can honeybee even compete?

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Any idea what we will get in the upcoming Phase Erika parts?
I mean, we already saw her dueling with Miho, will it go to the point when KMM loses the final?
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It had a months break iirc.
Guess its waiting then.
I also wonder what will become of Erikas friend, will she leave?
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We used to had lot of those, lately everything fantasy related is medieval setting or isekai
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lazy writers copying each other
But they can try something different
Alice to Zouroku and Re:Creators are airing literally right now.

What the hell is with the product placement in this show? Did I miss some legal ruling in Nipland or something?
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i want a snickers now
Product placement is uncommon but it's been done for ages. Watch more cartoons
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You haven't seen anything.

>all but one of the main characters are products
>they require real products to function
>every outdoor location promotes a real place

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
morning koume <3
Love you Koume!

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Is there a more euphoric loli?
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Thats a middle aged man, dude.
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*tips fedora*

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