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Spoilers will arrive in FIVE MINUTES.
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Jinbe will replace Cuckji in the monster trio soon.
SaNami chapter incoming
>this is Mr.Prince the arc

>Sanji spends the entirety being a useless fuck because M-MUH BLAGGMAIL crying to himself, betraying his crew like he always does, and generally being shit

Yeah he's so nice to women he let his brothers beat the living shit out of a female cook
>b--b-b-b-b-but he can't do nuffin he's blackmailed (more like BLACKED am i rite)

Fucking Shitji roaches lmao

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Why is she so perfect?
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Literally Canon.png
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Nice pic OP. Boa is great.
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From the People who brought you Ladies vs Buttlers, Kanokon, Oppan Dnburi Oyakodon and Victorian Maid Maria no Houshi.
An instant classic and a Citizen Kane of /ss/ anime.

Boku to Misato Sensei was JUST released.

NO it was NOT uploaded yet. Let's wait together, shall we?

More info, trailers etc.
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>inb4 mods delete this thread
I don't like her character design, and I fapped to all of the above.
Welp. Didn't have to wait for long.


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Ghost-chan is CUUUUTE
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You guys think she's gonna join the hare soon?
Too spooky
What happened to last thread?

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Getter Robo is a 1974 mecha manga by Ken Ishikawa, the assistant of Go Nagai (Devilman). It has spawned numerous sequels, spinoffs, and has influenced creators like Imaishi, Nakashima and Anno, especially on the themes and the messy violence. (As opposed to Nagai's clean violence)

This is the Saga edition which is a compilation of the 5 Getter manga series by Ken Ishikawa. The story is chronological starting with the original ending with Arc. There is an art shift between the chapters so that's normal because Ishikawa went back and added extra chapters and pages with his modern artstyle.
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RIP Ken Ishikawa
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Puffy vulva
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Cumming inside Sisti!

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best swimsuit.webm
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Less than 3 hours to Miami.
Get in here, faggots.
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You know anons, bunch of bitchy little girls
Luck is best
Episode 4: The foggy town of Greed
Lucifer who searches for Mammon of greed in the city of fog in London. However, at Mammon's pharmacy that we finally found out, a suddenly structured trap is invoked, and Lucifiers are restrained. Lucifer, who challenged Mammon with a 1: 1 match, will be trapped by a suburban castle and will suffer torture. After Leviathan jumped out searching for Lucifer who was taken away, Maria left alone in the store finds a strange contract, but behind it there was a smile of Mammon.

Episode 5: Melancholy Diva
Melody Astaroth of the melancholy who lives modestly in one corner of the ground world. Lucifer challenges playing number of videos for her only shining moment to sing as a net idol. And while competing, Lucifer and Astaroth deepen the exchange of mind through singing. In order to beat Lucifer, Belial is a scheme to make Astaroth major debut and increase believers at once. As aimed, Astaroth will be very popular, but landing the audience in front, my legs are scuffing.

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Make your own ideal conan waifu
Go here:
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>yfw your colleagues start taking orders from a 7-year-old

This is actually pretty fun, OP.
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Would solve mysteries with

Would get scolded by at the office for solving a case but causing damages in the process.
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conan waifu.jpg
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This is Pucci, what do you think of him?
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He's a good friend
Part 6 is the worst part only because of its ending
All the supporting cast was dry as fuck too.

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Remember to relax and take it easy.
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Requesting anything cute with Tharja, or anything with SI.

Maybe waving a banner around in support of her.

Or anything with/of our daughterus.
Requesting Cyan:

-drinking strawberry milk
-pomfing on the bed
-with this hairstyle in a sundress, or a crop top with denim shorts while eating an ice pop in the heat. With a tan/tanlines too (http://i.imgur.com/VQV3har.png)
-in a egyptian style outfit with jewlery adorning her tail, eating grapes too would be nice (http://i.imgur.com/goA8cXj.png)
-something like this sequence, or a full version of the bottom left part (http://i.imgur.com/mjur0UW.jpg)
-in this very suggestive outfit, with the magic rune over her forehead (http://i.imgur.com/kTqCBNy.png)
-hiding her body with a big translucent sakura petal (or she's small). How translucent is up to you

Something else cute, lewd, or a mix of both is fine
Requesting Rias wearing a high cut leg leotard http://www.imgur.com/a/k4WpW

Or dressed as a cute magical girl. Something cute with frills would be ideal.

Or something like this Ai Kizuna image http://www.imgur.com/a/TOisM

Anything cool or cute would also be appreciated. Thanks and have a nice day.

This preview pic of my favourite alien of the season can't be this cute?!
Episode in 3 hours and 25minutes.
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>I'm a negotiator too! Why don't you respect me?

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Why is Red so perfect?

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worst character
Literal retard
Best girl

Was he autistic?
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They had to restrain him to keep him from starving
He is my spirit animal t b h

What friends do you want to see next season?
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cougar needs to be an ara~ ara~ milf.
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New thread finally. Now I can post this and go the fuck to bed.

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