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What would you do for this much monies?
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Are you ready to see Chinatsu hug and/or kiss Kotarou tomorrow?
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Just caught up with it a few days ago, can't wait for more awkward staring.
Most interesting new series

is Koko-chan from Yama no Susume the ultimate loli?
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Fuck Kokona
you faggot
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Was she technically a pedophile?
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No, director confirmed that she was basically recreated as a child with just her memories from her adult life.
So basically the director doesn't think so, but anyone could think up an argument for yes or no.
Technically she fell in love with the baby in her best friend's womb, so I guess so.

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Heine is legal shota
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Heine-sensei a cute
In the end, Litch wasn't a slut, but a hard working boy.
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I'm glad that as a legal shota, he acts and sounds like an adult.

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is ninja slayer better than inferno cop?
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>filming, exhibitionist, public, -yaoi, -yuri, -furry ,-futanari, -tentacles
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>no -netorare
That, but also
>human pet, urination
The best exhibitionism involves girls shitting in public

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Sekai gets WAY too much hate. Do you even know how difficult it is to resist someone you love when they're pushing for a relationship with you? She deserves all the credit in the world for keeping her love rival in her thoughts for as long as she did.

Imo, every single character in the show is pretty blameless aside from that heartless demon, Makoto.
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OP is a woman.
But yeah, she gets more singled out than she should, everyone in this show is a terrible person.
Both she, Kotonoha and every girl who was fucked by Makoto were guilty of shit taste. When the MC ia living trash, that reduces the value the girls who are in love with him to garbage as well. They should have left him when it was clear what he was, but they chose not to, and that's the problem.

B-but muh love doesn't cut it here. Everyone was awful.
Kotonoha did LITERALLY nothing wrong.

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Why Asuka fans and Rei fans can not be friends?
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they are incompatible
We are though, just that Asuka fags are tsun about it.
You're funny. Also, delete this thread.

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Warning: We have reached critical 'pire levels.
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I really do see parts of Touko and Genjirou in Youko. The author did a good job with that.
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Reading preview for IS volume 11 is up.


So, will it redeem itself?
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Did the skinny guy fuck the chink yet?
Jackass translator abandoned it after the hiatus and v9 still hasn't been done, why are any of us supposed to care about v11?

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fluffy hair is sex
>Your hair looks nice.
>You should cut it.

That's when I knew to drop it.
That's a shame, anon, it's actually pretty decent.

Also Haruki's hair is cute!

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how accurate is this?
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There needs a "Ironic weeb xd" with anime like Maid Dragon, One Punch Man, Jojo, etc.
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>jpeg compression
>there are people who unironically enjoyed InuYasha
>there are people who unironically enjoy Oreimo

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Name a better romance anime.

Protip: you can't.
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You're literally right. The manga is better though.
boku no pico
Have fun watching dozens of mass-produced teenage melodramas until the day you get bored of Chinese cartoons.

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I just binged the show because I have no life like the rest of you. And holy fuck was that a let down. The plot was alright for the first 8 episodes then they spoilers kills Kamina for no reason the plot didt need it. It becomes kinda good when the mc gets his balls back, then we have the second part trash all around but the little development there was, was alright. Then we have the ending just trash plain trash. And oh dont get me started on the ships.
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Shameless bump. Because I want to argue.
The sound track was awful aswell. Just the same repeats over and over and over again.

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