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Thought I'd post a raw chapter from the latest work of the Sasameki Koto mangaka.
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My dick is amused. Pls, keep going.

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Why is Black Clover so entertaining?
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It's like if Naruto was good.
It's okay. The supporting cast is entertaining so I would prefer if the author toned down on the Astra.
5 bucks says sisterLeon's joining Asta's harem within the next 3 chapters.

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Why is he always so mean to everybody, /a/?
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He's just tsundere. And he needed time to get over his trauma from childhood abuse.

Katanashi is really a male lead straight out of a shoujo manga if you think about it.
He's a fucking lolicon in a sense. There is no merit for him being mean to his coworkers.

>gets annoyed by everyone that is weird to him
>doesnt realize he is the weirdest out of all of them
>goes berserk whenever someone calls him out

Someone needs to punch this manlet, Inami alone isnt enough.
Because they're all cunts. Also, he's the only one who gives Yamada the disgust she truly deserves.

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she was the best girl in Dog Days

Prove me wrong
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Gee, that wasn't hard
She is literally a goddess.

There are people on this board right now who didn't get that Minorin wanted Taiga more than she wanted Ryuuji.
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I know I want Minorin more than Ryuuji did.
W-What B-but I-I think she sacrifices herself... Wait a minute, you're right
reply to your post more OP

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Just finished watching this.

Madoka and Homura are complete rip-offs of Nono and Lal'C. Diebuster was even able to pull of the tragedy between the two of them without time travel bullshit.

Madoka fags BTFO.
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Is this some pre-2010 anime? Then I don't care
Madokafag reporting in. Nono and senpai were rip-offs of Gunbuster. Madoka and Homura are rip-offs of Anzu Jaamu and Yukiko Amagi.

Sayaka fags BTFO

this is a japanese ghost
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Thanks for reminding me to rewatch this.
I need my softness fix
Stupid sexy soft ghost.
That fucking ending getting me tearing up for fucking nothing.


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Characters who are pretty much you irl
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figuratively me

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would you massage Galko's feet?
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Only after they are slippery with my cum
no she looks smelly
Of course, her feet are gonna hurt after taking care of our 9 children all day.

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Hey /a/, I found this girl. Any idea what her name is and where she belongs?
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Name's Garbage and she belongs in the Trash.
She belongs somewhere on the last page. Just leave her there and someone will eventually come to pick her up.
>what her name
My Waifu

>where she belongs
around my dick

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>Ugly bastard

Why is this so common in hentai? It's fucking gross.
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Why is this so rare? Why?
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Because degradation, humiliation, and domination are common fetishes among both genders.

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I don't want that.
Sorry, exams are coming up. I cant do anything that wastes time.
My exams are coming up and I am doing more or less nothing but wasting time.

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Where should anime characters go on this chart
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let's start simple.png
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Umaru in the bottom right!
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Suffering 30
Deserves 50

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ITT: Anime characters that you can beat up in a fistfight
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It would be so satisfying to lure Asuka into a dark alley and just beat the shit out of her. Catch her in the gut when she's not expecting it and she'll go down. Then turn her over and punch her in the face a few times. Not hard enough to mess up her teeth or anything, just a few good slugs and she'd give up pretty quick. I probably would stop once she started crying, but maybe I'd give her a few kicks while I'm there too.
She'd literally will you out of existence
thats not even a thing in the anime you liar

She would die in one punch from an adult, healthy male

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