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Is this ever going to get a fucking translation? It's been almost 10 years.

Maybe if we are super lucky they will adapt it into an anime after the rebuilds are finished up. I'll take anything if it means I can finally understand what is going on in this fucking book.
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Maybe you should translate it anon
I'm pretty sure some anon said that it would even be hard for someone with a degree on DJT.
You know how Evangelion is. There is a lot of philosophy and such that aren't exactly easy to translate. Basically our only hope is an official one done by professionals.

There WAS a short lived translation project on Reddit a few years ago, but the head of it for some assinine reason decided to ask the author on Twitter for approval. Obviously the author said no, and the project was canned forever. They didn't even threaten a lawsuit or anything, they just said "no" on Twitter and that was enough to shut the entire project down

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Let's all worship Medusa.
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if you're going to believe in a fairy tail at least pick one that doesn't have a nerd in it.
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Better Medusa.

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Why is Love Live popular for girls? The show is just cute girls and dancing in slutty costumes and other male fan service.
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Me third from the right
Why are they offering dildos to the raibus?
The obese one. Sure is.

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>three feet tall
>roughly 5 pounds
Imagine how fun it would be to manhandle her tiny body. I'd walk around the house looking for things to bend her over and fuck her on
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Nice blogpost
>implying she wouldn't fuck you and leave you emasculated

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Is there any reason not to wait for BDs of anime?
I would almost make the argument that people that watch TV-rips don't get the entire experience.
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Prettier pixels aren't going to do shit to save a boring show.
Prettier pixels aren't going to save shit writing
Is that even the same frame

How old is Oden Tantei?
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I want to suckle on Shiroi's breasts.

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ONE is a hack
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holy moly that's nearly the same shot
same color composition and everything
I'm not sure what the problem is.
That's a very common shot.

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What are the favorite AMV you have, /a/?
Mine is this one:
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Are AMV/MAD threads even allowed on /a/ anymore? I do remember a few a long time ago.

I'm kinda new on /a/ (been here for like 4 months now) but I think is allowed.
It's ok, they are just rare for overall lack of interest.


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What evil deeds have you done today /a/?
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Shitpost with an anime girl from last season that will never get a sequel
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Please delete this
I went on /pol/ and posted as a Canadian.

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Just caught up with this. So we can all agree that Tarou should end up with Ebino but he's probably going to end up with Ririto, right? Eve is inconsequential and would be the worst possible ending.
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I'm not going to agree to anything you scum. If there's a reverse trap ending to take, I'll take it.

You realize this isn't going to end with Ririto as a reverse trap, right? The series will end with her returning to being female.
>worst girl first
shit taste

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This is your assistant for the summer.
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I quit
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What's she assisting me with?

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Why does Lupin always escape?!
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Because he's Lupin of course!
He even escapes death!
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Forgot to upload the files, whoops.

Alright, that was pretty good. What other anime movies does /a/ like?
Also is the Gits anime worth watching?
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God yes. Stand alone complex is incredible and builds so much more on the majors personality/ background. Plus I guarantee you'll fall in love with the tachikomas.
/a/ only watches moeshit and self insert trash, wrong place to ask for recs
Watch Innocence too. Each part of the franchise is a bit worse than the one before, but only the live-action is outright bad.

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Would you a heavily scarred Turk?
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Scars are moe
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can't wait for the anime

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>tfw hit me hard
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Menma's goodbye.

Kaori's letter.

The voicemail scene in ef.

Nia's wedding.

Lucy's kiss in Elfen Lied.

And of course, each and every scene time trains show up in Byousoku 5 centimeters. Yes, even the one in the first minute of the movie.
But this is a shitty idea. Your twenties are not inherently special, and if you attach that kind of sentimentality to them you're destroying yourself
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Fuck this whole show.

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