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Who was in the wrong here?
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West Kaioshin
damn ningen
The guy who lost.

So whats the best alternative to Nyaa? Got some soundtracks I was to find.
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Are comments from nyaa a complete lost now? there are some subtitle files I would like to salvage, which were posted in the comment section and not uploaded as torrent.
I've seen backups for the torrents but nothing for the comments
According to TT statistic, most used traker by uploaders is
>http://anidex.moe: - 291
then goes
>http://tracker.anirena.com - 93
I dunno why people use anidex though, it has retarded interface where you have to choose language and other shit for torrents to display every time.

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This week will be a recap episode. Episode 5 will air next week.
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Latest episode was just plain bad. I still have hopes for Wrath, though.
>quality is complete shit since the second episode
>recap after 4 episodes
this production is fucked
>Yoko Hikasa
Literally kill yourself

>recap episode
What the fuck, we're only like 5 episodes in?

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Why is the Dark Continent arc so boring?
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maybe because it's what, 3 chapters in?
>Defending hack writing
Because it's HxH.

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Why did she give up /a/ ?
she gave me my first boner as a kid
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true peace time allowed her to eat all she wanted without holding back
dunno about you OP
Do you hate Kishishi fro this?

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smug blonde slut.jpg
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How many of you betas actually can ride a motorcycle?
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I can't even ride a bicycle.
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I got my licence years ago after I read GTO. Shit was cool, had two differnet bikes, eventually made my chicken strips disappear, broke my collar bone. Had to sell my bike though, can't afford to keep it after going back to college.
I'd rather live OP

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>Kill one
>Fuck one
>Marry one
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Left, right, middle.
Fuck and marry all three in a polygamous harem.
What a great show that was. Harem, slight ecchi and train otaku pandering. We need more shows like this.

Also his childhood friend was the clearest best girl ever.

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Witch, Picture and Red Eye Girl 1/3

Shit is going down
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Why the 1/3?
Is it the reset count?
because they are using 3 episodes
More like Autism Reset

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Why no one talks about flip flappers anymore?
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I talk to myself about Cocona a lot
I'm sure there was full thread just few hours ago.
/a/ has turned its collective back on Flip Flappers faster than any show I've seen.

It was absolutely beloved and exalted while it aired, but a season and a half later you'd be lucky to get a response about it as generous as even "it's shit".

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7 days left
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>implying it will be ripped and subbed in 7 days
Stay delusional kyoanifag.
All I need is the rip.
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>they don't have it in theaters

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Post your GLSET candidates
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sorry but toradora is a maserpiece
Is this incest?
gay incest

Is Aqua the new Hestia?

will she be forgotten in 1 year?

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Aqua is a funny and interesting character
Hestia is a generic bimbo that became a meme because of the ribbon
Aqua isn't popular. Hestia was.
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>Aqua is a funny and interesting character

stop posting, Aqua

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There's a flashback about the two protagonists childhood and how they wished to do stuff in space and shit, so the smart one started building rockets all his life until he actually shot one into space, but it only managed to take a single picture with the built in camera before getting destroyed. It was a knitted stuffed toy drifting in the atmosphere.

Back in the present Shishio explains some stuff about Senkuu's Body and how he will kill him with a single blow to the neck, so that Senkuu won't feel any pain. Taiju manages to finally reach them, but in front of him Shishio breaks Senkuu's neck who dies instantly.

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It's already posted here, why repost?
RIP in piece
are dr. stone threads not allowed or what?

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So what is this shot showing me exactly? That a phone is charged?
>CINEMAtography (a word etymologically related κινητικός, ie, kinetic, ie motion)
>Posts a static, out of context, screenshot without any further description
I'm going to play along with your faggotry. Simply fuck off.
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Precure Thread
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>turns out imouto is from the Yukari sect
>3P with incest
Haa is for breeding
But she's flat anon

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